Miscellaneous Rumbles

What are you listening to right now??


Whats better than Takanaka, Takanaka with Santana.


George Harrison - Cloud Nine album,currently Someplace Else.

Gone home 16 years to the day.


Chet's album Guitar Over Europe. A newly released album recorded 54 years ago that was never released. I loved it!


A bluegrass cover of Rocket Man . . . because occasionally you need a break from seasonally-appropriate tunes.


This was an early morning earworm, for some reason.


at height of new wave era, the ol' cavern club searchers reconvened to cut 2 great lps for sire records...

here's their version of an obscure tom petty tune

the searchers!!


– Mr Tubs

hadn't heard..good stuff!!!




Christmas rock playlist on Spotify.

Infinitely better than the radio with Mariah Carey's urban yodeling coming by every half hour. I'm not even gonna mention all that other 'same old same old'.

Edit: if you're on Spotify search playlists for 'BSO Christmas' .


Beyond The Flood -- Bob Dylan and The Band live.


Christmas music on classical music station while I cook for our first Christmas gathering of our family, at my home. This one will be so hard as it is so soon after one of our precious triplets was found dead.

My Drew was born on their 1st birthday-- their mom was my high school chum & college roommate. We became sisters when I married her brother. We miss them.

Christmas is great joy, sprinkled with so so many precious memories. Wonder where THEY go when I, too, am gone.

Blessings on your heads this blessed Christmas Season. You matter to me, too.

Love, Olivia Anne


Finally on winter break. Today's carousel of music while I caught up on projects around the house: Badfinger

The Count Five

Deke Dickerson

The Barracudas


The Flamin' Groovies

Frank Zappa

Love Sculpture

and now currently Bon Scott era AC/DC.

Merry Christmas to all!


Tonight I found this. Several of my favorite things (seasonally appropriate phrase)- a sparkly white Gretsch, a Roland JC amp, and a spanking new Taylor acoustic.

Oh and a surprising discovery- Miss Sarah Hyland, whom most of us only know from sit-comery.


John Denver - Christmas Celebration Concert.


Remember when this came out and was new. Now it sounds sooooo dated but I don't care. Actually I am glad it sounds dated. This is an awesome song. One of their best and they have many -


Bob and Earl -- Harlem Shuffle. Next one up is Solomon Burke, Cry To Me.

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