Miscellaneous Rumbles

What are you listening to right now??


Rubber Biscuit. Original version by The Chips in 1956

and "Mad World" by Gary Jules


Ramble Tamble- Creedence Clearwater Revival.

It's got everything- blood-curdling vocals, Sun-sound gone supernova, the startling arrival of that hauntingly insistent middle section that builds and climbs with an almost imperceptible acceleration, killer grooves with effortless transitions. Sumptuous in length, experimental, wide in vista yet somehow so compact and efficient. Just magical.


Thin Lizzy marathon at the moment here - currently Don't Believe a Word.

It's the 31st anniversary of Phil's death today ,4th Jan,where does the time go !


AC/DC - Hells Bells

Happy Birthday Malcolm.


Earth Wind & Fire - The Eternal Dance (compilation 3 CD box set)


Metal...Tool, Alice in Chains, White Zombie (not Rob Zombie)

...and Snow Patrol for easier listening.



Gonna see Peter Case and David Lindley together next month...thought I'd better brush up a little. Damn....everybody and his mother is on this record!


Gary Moore -We Want Moore Live 84 track 6 - End Of The World.



I'd sort of heard them from time to time but never really listened closely — there's just too much stuff around to listen to everything, I suppose. But Sascha (GDP's man in Berlin) sort of pushed me gently through the Wilco door when we were in Berlin a couple of months ago. I'm glad he did — particularly for this live performance of 'Impossible Germany, Unlikely Japan'. Thanks, Sascha.

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