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Welfare check- incident in Nashville mall


Hope no one's involved in the Opry Mills incident.


Opry Mills is a large outlet shopping mall near the heart of Nashville (locals can place it better than I). This afternoon, a man opened fire in the mall, sending at least two to hospital and triggering a very large police response.

Since I posted the original note, the news feeds have settled on the number of victims and sadly one was a fatality.

And they now say that both shooter and victim were known to police, but there were also bystanders injured.

While I feel for the unintended victims, I was also concerned that GDP members or family members may have been at the Mall when it happened.


Hope all is as settled as can be there.

What's with the welfare check reference?


It's an old Law enforcement term. "Welfare check at..." or "Check on the welfare of the resident at ..... " is a standard dispatch call in Western Canada. Cops put out these calls when relatives call them (usually from another jurisdiction) to say "I can't get hold of Uncle C, and it's been three days. Can you go and make sure he's all right?"

Because we spell the monetary version "cheque", it never dawned on me until you asked that it might mean something different in another region.

My bad.


"Welfare Check" is still used a lot for Law Enforcement in the States as well, its sort of a general term to mean "checking on a situation involving persons"......My brother in law is LE, its common, sometimes it can be used just because the officer wants to check something out and will be out of his vehicle. Sorry to hear about another public shooting, it seems like they are getting to be a regular occurrence, sad state of affairs.


I don't do malls.

I'm fine.

The situation at Opry Mills was a personal dispute between two people, not an active shooter situation.


Scary situation. Two guys having an issue with each other, then, they involve innocent bystanders in their insanity.


Thanks for the clarification, fellas.

You'd think, with my grandfather and cousin being local cops, that I'd have been familiar with the term.


Very kind of you to ask after the Tennessee contingent, Kevin.

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