Miscellaneous Rumbles

Welcome to, “Fall” ,,, ;)


l wish.. summer is giving it a last hurrah, here. temperature of 100 degree high's for the next couple days...


108° right now, in Phoenix. Fall usually hits us in October, then we'll dip below 100°.



I think the seasons have shifted a little?

I notice too, out here, that the real summer starts around Sept., October, and even a little into November ,,

The regular standard summer months was hardly anything, lots of winds, overcast, maybe one or two days of warmth but didn't really seem like summer.

Also, I notice too that at night especially, the SF Bay Area seems devoid of insect life and other ,, around the lights, etc.

Not one gnat' in the air, even on the warm nights?

Years ago, all that stuff was flourishing ,,

I used to be into that stuff ,,


Wow no one told the weather it’s fall. Today 95 and humid. Although hot it was pleasant with the moisture in the air. The air was very plush and lush.


Just as odd---schools here started August 4th.


It was 95 degrees in Cool yesterday (1500’) and Tahoe had a full blown hail storm at lake level. Strange weather, even for the Sierras.


currently 79F in north coast SD but the humidity is very irritating. I dont want to complain because I was complaining yesterday (we dont have air conditioning in the house, most dont) and it started raining which made it even stickier Ironically my Pineapple plant is loving this, should have fruit next yr on it.


Been an excellent summer here on the west coast. Moderate temps, very little rain and none of the eastern/southern style humidity. Inland didn't see the usual number of troublesome forest fires and not the flooding of years past. Our fall looks to be a continuation of our terrific summer.

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