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We played at mom’s assisted living tonight with band pics.


We call ourselves "The Over the Hill Gang".


Another, I'm the one with the Gretsch.


Our real steel player is at the mic with the Peavey tele copy.


I'll bet that the folks loved and appreciated the show.


Yes, they were very appreciative and some who were able were up and dancing.


That's fantastic, FB ! I'll bet they really enjoyed it, and I'm sure you did too. Just curious, what type of tunes were you playing?


Great thing to do for the folks.


Great stuff!

My Dad and I play retirement/senior living places regularly.



We call ourselves "The Over the Hill Gang".

– farmerbrown

That's a wonderful thing to do. My parents were in assisted living and when we went to visit with them we took some time to talk and visit a little with the other folks who were so inclined. Couldn't help but notice when I signed the visitors log that some of them rarely had visitors. Or hopefully their visitors just forgot to sign.

Something like this is a big thing in their lives, bless you for taking the time to make some old folks dance and tap their toes! Looks like everyone had a good time.


That's fantastic, FB ! I'll bet they really enjoyed it, and I'm sure you did too. Just curious, what type of tunes were you playing?

– Metman

Yeah, I'd be interested in what material you played as well, FB. Stuff from your generation or from theirs, or both? There are some great old songs from the past.


Such a cool thing to do. Good on ya, Farmerbrown.


I love your band name! With a name like that people will accept that you all are sitting down while performing. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


We play strictly classic country, Cash, Carl Smith, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Haggard, Mel Tillis, Buck Owens, Charley Pride, Hank Snow, you get the picture.

Some of last night's tunes included Big River, Folsom Prison Blues, Thanks A Lot, Heartaches By The Number, Your Cheating Heart, Today I Started Living You Again, Silver Wings, Faded Love, Talk Back Trembling Lips, Farewell Party, Choking Kind, Love's Gonna' Live Here, Kiss An Angel Good Morning, Crazy Arms, Gone Gone Gone, Hey Good Lookin', Darlene. There were a few more besides these.


Good for you Farmerbrown, Im sure you made their day.


I had an encounter in one of these seniors’ homes about 18 months back that reminded me that I should not pre-judge my audience.

I’ve been doing a little circuit locally, playing in as many as ten seniors’ residences a month. I try and do a solo, free-wheeling audience-driven set, taking requests and always encouraging the crowd to join in. The repertoire is basically songs from the Gay Nineties through to the late 50’s, with a smattering of well-known Broadway and movie standards tossed in. It’s great for the soul, and the feedback is immediate- two things I love about it.

But I was handed a dose of reality when one day a white-headed lady came up to the piano on her walker, sat herself down beside me on the bench and started a conversation…

“Son, I really like what you’re playing, and I know most every tune you play, but could you please do me a favour and play a couple of newer tunes?”

“Absolutely, what songs would you like to hear?”

“How about a couple of Beatles tunes?”

With that, she left.

At first I was a little surprised, but then I did the math… “All My Loving” debuted in 1963. The lady making the request looked to be in her middle 80’s... 1963 was 54 years ago (when this encounter took place), so that would have made the lady 54 years younger… hmm…so she’d have been….


So for the last year, that story, and a medley of Beatles tunes have become part of the act.

Where were YOU in 1963? (I was


Great gig for you, Farmer Brown!! Shows you are truly a man with a BIG heart! We need more people like you!!


Thanks for all the nice comments guys. The main reason I made this post is that I finally gave my phone to one of the guy's wives last night and told her to take some pics of us in action as I had never done that before.

We don't do it for the recognition, we do it just because we enjoy making people happy and to let them forget for an hour or 2 where they really are.

It really does my heart good to watch folks sing along with us and to see them get up and dance too!


So what's the name of your band? I know it changes from show to show with a family band. The last time my family band hit the stage we were the Holy Rollercoasters.


We are "The Over the Hill Gang " and we aren't family, non of us are related.


That’s one of the most worthwhile things you can do as a musician. You guys are to be commended for sharing the gift of music.


You’re doing it for the right reason, Farmerbrown. Keep it up!

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