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We gotta have a Chet section


One of the biggest changes needed here. I say dump the Easton section which is like Other Players status IMO


I don't suggest getting rid of the Easton section. ChetBoard is already a great Atkins related board but as a die-hard fan, I'd be happy to see a Chet section added here!


Considering that one of the most well known and popular Gretsch guitars is named for Chet (and made famous by, and owes much of it's design to him) it only makes sense. Add a George section as well!


How about a Jim "reverend Horton heat" Heath section ?


Wonder if it would be easy to modify the "Other Players" section with folders for Gretsch specific players? I love Chet...... And the Rev..... so I'd visit both on a regular basis. Could be used for chats about gear, videos posted on YouTube or whatever, and tour info and other stuff. Just thinking that's all.


Much as I'm a big fan of anything Chet, I agree with Diggey that there should be separate folders or sub-categories within the "Other Players" section. The Chet website is almost like a private club at least to join, so having a category devoted to him, given what his music and playing style has given the world even long after his passing and his close association and influence with Gretsch, seems appropriate for this site. Aside from his joining Gibson which was not his choice had Baldwin known how to run the company!, he remained a fan of Gretsch.

While we're considering a new wrinkle to the Other Players category, I vote for having a Fingerstyle Category based on how many of us who play this style do it on Gretsch guitars.


"Chet Chat"? Considering the number of threads here about the man, his guitars, and his music, it seems logical.


One of the biggest changes needed here. I say dump the Easton section which is like Other Players status IMO

– DCBirdMan

Dump the Easton section as a sacrifice to Chet?

That seems a bit harsh.


Chet Chat is a great name.


Elliott is still evolving, I’m pretty sure there’s not much to say about Chet that hasn’t been said.


I always got the impression that the entire forum was to some extant a Chet Section. Is that wrong? He does seem to come up a lot, understandably, considering his connection with Gretsch for many years.

I'm not a huge fan, though I appreciate his ability, but maybe a separate section for the Chet-o-philes would be useful?


We used to have a great "Chet Section", better than most................



Chet Chat is a great name.

– Diggey

Maybe it should be called the 'C Section'


We don’t have a Setzer section, do we? He’s played a Gretsch or two in his time

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