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We are loosing my niece, 8 year old Emily today


My deepest condolences for your tragic loss.


My tears right now are for this sweet soul Emily. My thoughts, although more like emotion straight from the heart, are with your whole family.

I swear to you that in your brother's and Emily's grace of their soul, I will turn away from negative thoughts.... be it at work or personal life. I promise I will act in kindness where one might be drawn towards anger. I will try to do the best I can for others in pure acts of kindness and whisper your brother's name when I do. I will go far more than "the extra mile" to do only good things to help others and help make your brother's and Emily's legacy a flame that burns as bright as possible. My thoughts are with you.

– NJDevil

You are a kind soul, thank you for your eloquently kind words of wisdom. I learned long ago, that regret is the most difficult emotion to deal with. I try to live my life avoiding behavior that could lead to regret, and I encourage others to do the same.

I read a short book, about 20 years ago, titled "The Four Agreements", by Don Miguel Ruiz. I've tried my best to incorporate The Four Agreements into my life, ever since I read the book. In this book Ruiz explains, if you can make four simple agreements with yourself, you will avoid much needless suffering. These agreements are :

1) "Be impeccable with your word".

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Follow through with your promises, and if you are unable to keep a promise, immediately inform the person beforehand, that you made your promise to, that you will not be able to keep it. When asked if you will be somewhere, or do something for someone, do not use the expression "I'll try" as a cop out, say Yes or No. Our good word is all that we really have, and others will judge us by how impeccably we keep our word.

2) "Don't take anything personally".

Nothing anybody says about you, is really about you at all. It is a reflection of their own reality, and inner self. If you can do only this one thing, you will free yourself from all the personal suffering, perceived to be caused by others.

3) "Never assume".

Take the time to investigate, and dissolve ambiguity. Ask questions and discover facts. By assuming, we naturally jump to the worst possible conclusions.

4) "Always do your best".

Your best will change from day to day, hour to hour. Illness or emotional distress, will affect what your best can be, but regardless of the circumstances, do the best that you can in all situations.

I am not perfect in keeping my four agreements with myself. But I try to keep my four agreements the best that I can. Incorporating them into my behavior was a process, not an event.

I was raised in a military family, with six children. We all bailed out at different times and locations. We became spread out, all over the country. If anything good can come out of this tragedy, perhaps it will draw us back together as a family again.


I am so sorry to hear this, Wade. Please accept my deepest condolences.



I too thought NJDevil's post was a profoundly wise response to personal loss, something real in the way of consolation, and expressing a noble (and achievable) meditation which commemorates a life in the best possible way - by changing the lives of others for the better.

Very well said - and even better thought. Thanks for that, NJD. I'm going to try to make that practice part of my coping kit.

And, Wade, those four principles indeed go a long way to improving anyone's psychological hygiene.


I’m so sorry to here this Wade. I, like everyone here, am in deep sympathy and hope you and your family are somehow able to cope as best as possible.


So sorry, Wade. Praying for you and your family.


I can't even begin to comprehend the grief your family must be going through. So very sorry about John and Emily and my condolences to you all.


Dearest Wade, this is a horror beyond the most astonishing horror. It is so awful to have lost your brother John in such a horrible way. And, having your sweet little Emily have to have her loved ones participate in her "ending and beginning" is just nearly unbearable. I just hope, and will pray that each & every one of you feels that love that defies all understanding.

If a telephone chat with a virtual friend would offer any comfort, please know I welcome your call. Love from one who has "been there" with my Daddy.

Olivia Anne 502-423-7800 = R

– Olivia Anne

Thank you, Olivia, for your kind and heartfelt words. I would like to take you up on your offer to talk, it is a very gracious offer. I'll call you after the Thanksgiving holiday, when my head has cleared up a bit better. I've been in a mental fog the past few days, and any conversation right now would be difficult. You are a kind soul, and I appreciate you reaching out like you have.


Wade, Checking in with you today. You and your family will continue to be in my mind and in my prayers.


Thanks, Zigracer. My family is in shock right now. It was such a senseless tragedy, that each member is trying to deal with, in their own way. Dawn's parents, my sister, Mary and my brother, Tom, have flown up to northern Idaho, to help Dawn get through these early days, and to care for the live stock.

I don't handle things like this very well, I tend to go into a shocked state of numbness at first. Then experience grief in waves. My mind has been consumed with memories of my brother. Of all my 5 siblings, I was closest with John. The loss of Emily has been the most unbearable part of this. She was a delightful little girl, full of life and happiness. She dearly loved her daddy, and wrote several songs for him. My sister took pictures of her handwritten songs, and they are very advanced, considering her age. They are a glimpse into the intelligence and soul of this beautiful little girl. She wrote of her love of Jesus, and her life on the farm. Reading them, is heartwrenching.

John and I used to record together, back in the days of multi-track tape recorders. John bought a Fostex 8 track multi-track recorder, and he engineered for local bands, making Demos.

John was an amazing musician and songwriter. He played the guitar, bass and keyboard, and was playing in a local Country and Western band, with leadman Troy Bullock. They wrote modern C&W music, and were just taking off big, when John lost his life. John's musical tastes were more Rock oriented, but living in rural northern Idaho, he was limited by the availability of local musicians. That didn't stop John from giving it his all, and taking advantage of the local talent, and joining an established C&W band.

I'm going to my wife's daughter's house today, for Thanksgiving. My daughter and two grandchildren will be joining us. After a tragedy of this magnitude, it will good for us to be surrounded by family and friends.


Deepest sympathy and condolences, Wade.


Thank you, Olivia, for your kind and heartfelt words. I would like to take you up on your offer to talk, it is a very gracious offer. I'll call you after the Thanksgiving holiday, when my head has cleared up a bit better. I've been in a mental fog the past few days, and any conversation right now would be difficult. You are a kind soul, and I appreciate you reaching out like you have.

– Wade H

Over the years, and in my Estate practice, the one repeating refrain is that since friends don't know what to say, they shy away until services, leaving those who are grieving alone in the early shock. I've found reaching out seems always appreciated, and I offer unusual things: pick up your cleaning, trip to the market, watch your home during visitation & services, or just on the other end of a line. I'm home till monday & in the office after. 502-587-7700 = B. Take care of all of you.


Wade, my heart goes out to you and your family. You all are in my prayers and thoughts.


Heart breaking. So very sorry.


:( love and prayers for everyday forward, this is overwhelming


No words....just terrible. So sorry for your loss....prayers for you and your family.


I don't know you Wade, but please know that my family is praying for your family.


I am deeply appreciative of the outpouring of condolences, that you all have expressed, for my family's loss. We have a unique little corner of the cyberspace, filled with remarkable people.

As my orthopedic condition has been improving, I've been contemplating attending the Round Ups. As much as we would like to think that we know the people, that we have online relationships with, in reality, it is simply our idea of who those people are. It is only in a face to face meeting, that all the blanks are filled in, and we actually get to know those people.

Both, John, and, Emily, were cremated. Emily was able to become an organ doner. Over 200 hospital staff, family members, and local people lined the hallways between Emily's hospital room, and the operation room, in an Honor Walk. They gave silent respect, as the gurney with Emily's body, escorted by her mother, was wheeled to the operating room where her organs were harvested. This was the only thing that made scene in this tragic event.

There will be Celebration of Life services, in both Spirit Lake Idaho and Phoenix Arizona.



Emily Faith Hampton of Spirit Lake, Idaho went to be with her Lord and Savior November 27, 2019 due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. She joined her loving father, John William Hampton, who passed away on November 24, 2019 due to injuries sustained in the same accident.

Emily leaves behind many family members and friends who mourn her loss. Emily is survived by her mother, Dawn Hampton and five year old sister, Alexis of the home; brother and sister-in-law, Josh and Katie Hampton, nephew Connor, and niece Rowan of Sierra Vista, AZ; brother, Vadim Hampton of Phoenix, AZ; sister, Svetlana Hampton of Phoenix, AZ; and her fur-brothers Sherlock and Watson of the home.

Emily leaves behind a large extended family who loved her so very much: grandmother and grandfather, Pam and Chris Parmenter of Maricopa, AZ; grandfather and grandmother, Larry and Barbara Hampton of Sun City, AZ; grandfather and grandmother, Mark and Lindy Marshall of Boise, ID; great-grandmother, Betty Ferguson of Apache Junction, AZ; great-grandmother, Florence Kelly of Lincoln, CA; aunt and uncle, Brandy and Peter Naleski of Chandler, AZ; uncle and aunt, Jacob and Robyn Marshall of Phoenix, AZ; aunt and uncle, Mary and Larry Howe of Clemmons, NC; uncle and aunt, Wade and Darlann Hampton of Phoenix, AZ; uncle, Thomas Hampton of Sun City, AZ; uncle and aunt, David and Julie Hampton of Fountain Hills, AZ; uncle and aunt, James and Angie Hampton of Monroe, MI; and a large host of cousins scattered throughout the country. Emily was predeceased by her loving father, John William Hampton and grandmother, Charlotte Rogers Hampton Heir.

Emily, who was only eight years old, left a legacy far greater than many who have lived much longer on this earth. Six lives were forever changed by the gift of Emily’s organs. Emily loved playing with her little sister (as long as she got to be the boss) and they were the very best of friends. Emily was a kind and compassionate friend. She would write encouraging cards and notes and loved to give little random gifts. Emily loved animals and was always rescuing another kitten (or seven). Her puppy Watson slept with her every night as she was crazy in love with him. Her Saint Bernard Sherlock was ever her protector during her adventures on the family property. Her love for Jesus came as naturally to her as the air she breathed and was evident in her daily life and in the way she responded to those around her. All who knew and loved Emily are forever changed by her imprint on their lives.

Emily displayed a brilliance far beyond her years in creative writing skills. She loved to write chapter stories, praise music and create activity learning games. She loved to watch TV together with her family. Her favorite shows were Heartland, Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch, Disney Movies and anything that involved animals.

Emily will live on in all the lives of those who loved her, but more importantly, she lives on eternally with her Heavenly Father and her Daddy, John. She and Daddy are running together, taking care of all the lost animals in heaven, going on trail walks, enjoying hot tubs, having sleepovers in each other’s mansions and singing each other’s musical creations. Rest in peace sweet baby girl until we meet again in the blink of an eye. We love you!

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:12-13.


Lovely obit. I hope the healing hands of time does it's thing. God bless you and your's.


I found this article, concerning the accident, Link. The Ford truck, mentioned in the article, was an F-450 converted into a 6 cubic yard cement mixer. It was extremely heavy and had a thick steel bumper welded to the front.


Heartbreaking and tragic. I am sorry for your loss and hope time and loving memories elevate these people for great stories and remembrances. RIP.


Curt, I don't think that's a real person you're remonstrating with. Yet another of the seemingly endless plague of spammers digging up old threads, and of all the threads to be picked up by a spammer this one really smarts.

Wade, I hope your family are all doing ok.


Funny that a spam-bot revitalized this thread. It's 3:30am, I couldn't sleep and this caught my attention, so here goes :

It's been close to a year and a half since the accident that took the lives of my brother and my niece. My sister in law has posted a daily FB diary about her journey through her loss of both her husband and her eight years old daughter. The posts are heartbreaking, and I can't read them all, it's just too much for me to rehash on a daily basis. It's her own way of dealing with a monumental loss.

It's been a very difficult loss for me personally. John was one of four brothers (we also have a sister), and of my four brothers, I was particularly close with John. I, most ashamedly, do not have many memories of Emily. She was one of many nieces and nephews the had come along. They lived in Idaho, and I live in Arizona. "There was always plenty of time to get to know her" was sadly not the case. I put off knowing her, and now it's too late. From what I do remember about her is that she was a delightful child, and was always there with a hug for uncle Wade when we did get the family together.

I'm still reeling from the loss, it comes and goes now. I feel guilty for avoiding most of the FB posts that my sister in law makes, but that's my way of dealing with it (to each their own). I'd rather just not open that wound on a daily basis. It doesn't mean that I don't care about what she is going through, I do very deeply. The record is available whenever I choose to read it, in my own time and place.

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