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Way OT: “The Queen’s Gambit”


We're enjoying Queen's Gambit - but really the story and the character studies more than the look, decor, art direction, or mid-century style.

It's all accurate enough, with sufficient attention made to harmonized (hah!, so to speak) color palettes, and so far nothing has stood out as anachronistically out of place. (Though I wonder about the generally hideous pastiche of wallpapers in the adoptive home. I sure remember wallpaper, but at least in my mid-century experience, that profusion - confusion of colors and patterns in one confined era is pretty anomalous.)

It's a subdued and muted, though, especially by comparison to the riotous and obsessively, hilariously bright and coordinated colors of Ratched. (Or is that just the difference between cinematic perceptions of Kentucky and California? When I remember the 60s, just north of Kentucky in Ohio, I most recall bright technicolor days.)

And for me, still, the gold standard in 60s style reverence - near fetish - is Mad Men. Might be time to watch it again.


“Queens Gambit” is brilliant...“Ratched” is just some sick shit....


Once I realized Ratched was a camp thriller unlike TQG I began to enjoy it more.


We just watched The Queen's Gambit in one sitting last night. Thanks for the recommendation. We loved it.

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