Miscellaneous Rumbles

Watched BSO Live in Japan yesterday after many years…


And after so many years I can only say again...

Holy moly.

What that guy did on stage...

Maybe the greatest concert DVD ever.

I'm going to go back to listening Little Charlie Baty now. Not that I can play like him either, but I might nail a lick or two.



One of my all-time favorite DVDs.


Yes it is. My first copy was unplayable after many years of playing. Bought a second one in Japan, but it wasn’t the same. Less clarity in audio and video.

Must get the Blue Ray.


It's actually lower on the production side and more on the live side than most concert dvds, but that may be why it has the vibe it has.



+1 to this!!!

And actually, the one from Canada- "Don't Mess With A Big Band", is also quite good, and worth owning. As is the Xmas DVD. But nothing can beat the Live in Japan.

LIJ is my favorite Setzer time period- moreso than the Stray Cats from the 80s, moreso than 68CBS, moreso than the Cat's reunion, and moreso than any other BSO time period.

Now... if we could just get Brian to make a jazz/standards album.... like Harry Connick Jr, but with a guitar....

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