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Warmoth Rosewood Telecaster


Being a George Harrison fan I decided to build my own rosewood Telecaster. Not only was it way more economical, but I have the satisfaction of building it myself. It's a Warmoth rosewood 7.25 radius neck and a Warmoth chambered Rosewood body to keep the weight down. Vintage Gotoh tuners, self made bone nut from a blank, Fender 62 tele bridge assembly and pickup, Fender 62 tele neck pickup. I left the Rosewood neck unfinished(very smooth feeling.) The frets did need a little leveling, but other than that the neck was flawless. The body was finished with Minwax tung oil. I went a satin finish rather than glossy. It's a surpisingly bright little guitar and fun to play. Not an exact replica of the Harrison Tele, but close enough for me. If youv'e never built you own I highly recommend it. Caution though. It's addictive....

Started with this:

Finished with this:


Very nice!


How does it sound. Wondered if all that Rosewood gives it a darker or warmer sound than the regular tele.

Beautiful, by the way.


Holy supercrap!!! thats one classy and beautiful tele! Too Cool!


It has plenty of the traditional Tele twang, while at the same time can nail that "Something" solo tone rolling the tone off just a bit.


Nice! Happy playing!


Magnificent - you did a great job. I'm partial to these guitars anyway. I've got a Palo Escrito (Mexican Rosewood) top on a Telecaster that I love.

I'm curious about the chamber / rosewood combination too. I'd love to hear that beauty. +!


boy that looks good...

I love that neck, looks comfy...

also ditto on building a guitar being addictive...



That's a stunner to be sure. Is it chambered from the back?


I've always loved the matching neck/body guitars. This one is especially beautiful. All you need is a white Fender logo for the headstock and it's perfect.


great job on that.


Pretty smart indeed. And I have come to a horrible conclusion that I have an obsession for lovely looking guitars and a lack of money to satisfy that obsession. And here is another one!

Well done - a good job done there TxLawman.


Very nice Rosewood Tele. I see you finished with minwax tung oil but how did you get that dark rosewood color since the unfinished rosewood is so light in color?


That's one handsome guitar you've got there. Nice job.

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