Miscellaneous Rumbles

Wanna know how your amp works?


He kindly speaks in layman’s terms, but the guy cannot tune a guitar.


I can't play a guitar. We all have our skill sets. (Doesn't stop me from playing. )


I can’t play well, but at least I play in tune.

A little OCD about that.


I like Uncle Doug's vids. I've learned loads from him.


Agreed, I don't tune in to watch him play.


He has been sadly absent for a year now but stated via facebook he was hoping to have a few new videos up soon.

I like Uncle Doug.


I really enjoy 'D-lab Electronics' as well as Uncle Doug...


When I’m researching an amp and want to hear what it sounds like, I often look up this guy. He’s an amp tech, but more importantly he’s a great player. He’s knows exactly how to attack the strings and put an amp thru all it’s paces so you can really get a feel for the amp.

Same goes for Billy Yates. I enjoy his tech vids.


He featured a Magnatone 260 on one of his videos. Very cool.


Uncle Doug , Big thumbs up for him ! He gave me the confidence to work on my on amps . And I haven't seen any smoke or sparks yet .


Amazing the stuff I learn here.

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