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Walker & Williams Straps


Wow. Wish I had known about this site. I recently bought an okay non- descript strap locally. Maybe the next one from here assuming the reviews work out.


They DO look VERY nice! Wish I had known about them -- I recently spent more than twice those prices for a couple of Levi straps. Levi's are very nice, but........


Wow. Those Capo's are a great price. Love the straps too. Thanks for the heads up.


Checking their straps out now myself... look really nice! Yes, thanks for posting.


I bought two and a bunch of extended length ends. They're really nice and crazy bang for the buck!


Well, you all (as well as Amazon reviews) have convinced me to try one for my "new" Tennessee Rose. We will see later this week when it gets here.


I have one of the "Vintage Slash" extra long straps. It is much nicer made than the Fender vintage style with the white felt shoulder padding. Quite comfortable. The strap itself is a bit stretchy. Perhaps because of the length. With a heavy guitar like my pro jet there is a noticeable bit of bounce to it, like it was on rubber. With one of my lighter weight guitars (full hollow vox or danelectro) it isn't as noticeable but is still there.

I wouldn't get the extra long again. I had recently purchased a different strap that wound up being too short so I erred on the long side. It would be below knee level on my 6' frame all the way down.


I had to do a double take on their prices. Thought I was back in the seventies fora minute there.

They sure look good on the web site, especially for the money.


I've got three W&W straps, and will probably get more. Fantastic quality straps and very reasonably priced.


Thanks for posting this. I just ordered a 'one of a kind' for my BZ.


I bought one a couple of years ago but found that the shoulder pad was so thick it was practically a football and it kept sliding off my shoulder. High quality for sure, but that pad was strange. I removed the pad and its fine.


Got the strap I ordered today and am pretty pleased. I bought one of the "Pro Series", a G24 in Cognac Brown. There is a picture of one in post #7.

This is less expensive and probably not as nice of materials as the W&W Premium Straps but this is the closest to what I wanted. It appears to be really close to the same color as the Tennessee Rose it is on although I am partially color blind and reds and browns are not my strong suit.

Anyway, I have several padded Levy's straps and, no, this is not built to the same quality but I think I might like it at least as well as those. The Levy's straps are thicker and take a long time to break in. This one is more pliable and probably more comfortable from the get-go.

After I bought it, I became concerned because a couple of the reviews indicated that it may not be leather. It was advertised as a "Rich Cognac Brown Guitar Strap with Padded Glove Leather Back." I'm not really sure which they are referring to as the "back" but the part that shows looks, feels and smells like leather. I would call it the top but assume that it is what they mean. The padded part also looks like a softer more pliable leather but after looking at it more carefully, I think it is man made. It feels more like a very soft leather than a vinyl product but it appears to have some threads involved. It seems like a quality product and is comfortable. So, for $27.88 through Amazon, I'm pretty happy with it.

The last thing is the length. I am a big guy. Not only tall but heavy. It takes a really long strap to go around me and while I don't wear my guitar terribly low, it usually stretches a strap to it's limits or, in some cases, I have bought an extension. I moved the tail of the strap to the last two slots on the ladder and it fits just fine. I did pay an extra $8 for an extender but I did not need it. I measured it and it measures 53" the way I have it adjusted. Normally 53" has me holding the guitar like Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers), but this one is in a comfortable position.

I am sufficiently pleased that I just ordered a second strap for my black 5422-12 Electromatic. This is what I am getting:

It is a premium level strap, shiny black with white stitching and is extra long.

Basically, if you are looking for a strap, you could do a lot worse.


Thanks for your review Don. I've got one on order scheduled to get here Friday.

They look like a good deal to me and get pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Compared to the straps that I've been buying, these are chump change as far as price of admission.

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