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vox wah-wah pedal


whilst searching through some old papers in loft today I found original bill for Vox Wah-Wah pedal.

14/07/1967 Machari's Musical Exchanges . 100 Charing Cross Road W.C.2. London. one Vox Wah-Wah pedal .

Serial number 5085

price £16-10-0p

It was attached to an "all risks" insurance policy that I had for my group equipment.(dated December 1967)

item 1. GRETSCH GUITAR..sum insured..£140-0-0p

item 2. BURNS SONIC 50 AMPLIFIER...sum insured...£94.10.0p

Item 3. COPYCAT ECHO UNIT ...sum insured...£38.10.0p

Wah-wah was added as an endorsement to the policy.sum insured ..£16-10-0p

Stiil have the 6119 Tenny...do you think it will be worth any more than the insurance value if I put it up for sale now?

PS I am not going to sell!!!!


I just spoke to God and he told me to tell you that you should give me the Tenny and the wah pedal. I didn't ask why but it was something about an extension of saving our soul from sin.......very much added support for Jesus in the 21st century. I have to pay for the shipping but I'll give you my address so the almighty will be pleased!!!


Actually NJ, that was the devil you were speaking to. God prefers that you play a 6122, straight - no wah...


OTOH, a classic Tenny and a Vox WW would round out my collection very nicely....


NJDEVIL thanks for your very generous offer . After some cosideration think I might have to pass on that one. There could be some problems getting an old Gretsch guitar past your customs , knowing their current habit of destroying old wood.!!!! wouldn't like to put you through all that hastle!.

General_Lee.. The Vox WW unfortunately bit the dust a few years ago.

I used it on far too many solos in the late 60's early 70's . put it away for a few years. when I decided to try using it again after about 8 years it wouldn't work. I found that I had left the battery in it, it had corroded all the wires and components inside it so I threw it away!

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