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Vox Amplifiers The JMI Years


A good friend sent me this for Christmas. Quite extraordinary for an amp book, weaving together world history, electronic advancement and the chronology of rock n roll and those who played it along the way. Cleverly demonstrating the dependence of one upon the others. Very well researched and written. As thick as a Michener novel.


It’s fantastic! I have a copy myself. A must for any serious Vox aficionado.


Oh boy. I think it may be my next read.

Always have had an appreciation for Vox.


I want to read about the rushed development of the AC-100 since the Beatles needed them ASAP. According to Fab Gear book, McCartney had an AC-100 head even before there were any cabs... and it was his bass head when they first came to the US, with John and George using AC-50s.


That’s my kind of historical read. Thanks for the heads-up.

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