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Vinyl surpasses CD Sales…long comeback trail


Interesting, but I don't think it's the vinyl victory lap it may seem. It's more about the big win for streaming and mp3/digital listening - according to the last line of the article, now comprising 85% of paid music consumption.

It's more that digital has robbed CD sales than that the world has gone back to vinyl.


And the awful swirl in the background of streaming which makes it so appealing. Oh sorry, appalling.


These more recent Vinyl albums I have collected have been outstanding quality...reminds me I need to shop for more.

Time to start checking the latest titles available as we head into the Holiday spend season.


I don't know if I'm proud or ashamed to say that I do not have a clue how to 'stream'.


If you've ever listened to audio online, you've streamed - or a video, for that matter.


That just means that CD's arent selling anymore either.


We released our new CD back in May. It took 3 months to be able to see what sales were. We have at this time sold zero CD's and Zero media and our music shows being streamed for free on Spotify, Youtube...etc. When we get airplay on those free media site we get $.0006 or .0004 per play.


8 track, cassette, CD, what's next flash drive?


This year I've added about 10 vinyl's for the shop turntable. WXRT in Chicago just did 12 hours of vinyl album sides. I guess they didn't have to comply with the digital copyright law because it was analog and it was really great.


As far as I am concerned vinyl never wet away. I have about 10000 LP's. I agree Twang, the new records I have bought have been great quality! thanks john


I LOVED 45rpm singles. I wouldn't mind a revival of good old forty fives. It sucked when you wanted a particular song and had to shell out for the whole album. I recall something Phil Spector, who wasn't a big fan of albums called them-"Two hits and ten pieces of sh_t".


Vinyl will/has become Boutique. And that probably guarantees its survival.

Vinyl LP production technology went through a century of refinement, and from what I can still hear it sounds pretty good!

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