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Vintage White Falcon


My wife's Grandparents had the same car...I think it is a '60.

Not much "pickup" under that hood, nor "stereo" sound!


Either a 64 or 65 Falcon. That body style only ran those two years


Agreed, I think 60 was first year for Falcon and this is a later body style. Originals (a bit of them) can be seen in this kool Feb 1964 pix of Beatles in DC


Falcons belong in trees.


My last Falcon was a crew cab 63


The 2 door coupes were cool, the 4 doors, a grandpa car.


One of my best friends, growing up, hopped up a Falcon and turned it into a sleeper. It looked very tame and innocuous, but won just about every race it was in. It's been a long time since I've seen one of these on the road, I miss the days when automobiles had charicter. They all look the same now, to me.


I had a '66 Mustang for the longest time as my daily driver. Kept getting vandalized early in this century. Between that and idiot cell phone people, I gave up.


The first car I can remember being driven around in was a '60 or '61 Falcon - Aussie spec. In Australia the name Falcon has been kept for the "family-size" flagship Ford rear-wheel drive car up until very recently.

Our family car when I was born was the Falcon - we had the wagon in pale green with a dark green roof. One of the coolest looking cars Ford ever produced IMO. Great looking car but like a lot of that era also a death trap! Before I was born my mum was driving it when a truck in front of her dropped some gas bottles and she crashed. It wasn't a big impact by all accounts but she hit her head on the steering wheel and had pretty bad concussion and a scar for the rest of her life.

As much as I'd love to do up an old Falcon - doing the stealth thing with an electric motor would be fun - but I won't. Those old cars are dangerous. Last year my son was t-boned in his Honda Jazz by a guy doing at least 70kmh and he survived with scratches. In a Honda Jazz! Small car, fantastic safety. In an older car he would be dead. The airbags and side intrusion systems saved his life, I have no doubt.

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