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UPS Delivery Probably Stolen


Learned my lesson yesterday. Had a package allegedly dropped off by UPS at my front door that apparently was promptly stolen. The seller, a famous name legit company were decent enough to file a claim with UPS and hopefully it should be sorted out in the next eight days. I live in the city but I've never had this happen before but I was probably just lucky. Next time I will have stuff delivered to a close by UPS Access Point. Guitars, etc I've always been super careful with (signature required or have it delivered to an Access Point, etc). Oh well.....live and learn.


I almost always have valuable stuff sent to my work address. I hope you get it straightened out.


Sadly this has become a new fashionable way of crime across the country.Hope you get it sorted out.


I almost always have valuable stuff sent to my work address. I hope you get it straightened out.

– Suprdave

I'm doing this increasingly. It started with guitars, but at this point, I'm not particularly inclined to risk having things of even moderate value stolen.


The university wouldn't allow us to get personal UPS/FedEx/USPS etc. deliveries at work. 50K+ people would clog their systems. Thankfully, the dealership my wife works at has no such issue. Now that I'm retired and usually home, I get the deliveries myself. I'm on first name basis with the mailman, and the other guys know to drop the boxes off at the side door.

The thing I don't get about porch pirates is that they have absolutely no idea of what's in the boxes they steal. Thieves are bad enough, but these scum are the lowest of the lowest of the low. They've stolen diapers, dog food and insulin. The things they walk off with often are unpawnable and useless to anyone but the intended person.

Getting deliveries directly to your door is an excellent service, BUT, unless you're there to bring it in right away, you're only asking for trouble.

As the X-Files taught us---"Trust No One".


Yeah, it's stupid and thieves suck, as always.

They say that the San Fransisco area is the most hit for porch pirates.

That doesn't mean that the rest of us are immune though.


The things they walk off with often are unpawnable and useless to anyone but the intended person.

The "useless to anyone but the intended person" part reminds me of a couple deliveries that went to my old house shortly after I moved because I hadn't updated a couple of accounts with the new address. One was a sweater that my wife had ordered months before but was backordered. The other was a solid white gold 1920s watch bezel that I had sent in to have the crystal replaced. They were definitely delivered there, but the new tenants claimed that they had no idea what we were talking about. BS. I hope his wife enjoyed the sweater, but the part that drove me nuts was the watch bezel. I'm sure he had no idea what it was or that it was solid gold and probably just threw it away. It probably didn't contain more than $75 worth of gold anyway, but its loss made an 80 year old $1000 watch virtually worthless. I ended up scrapping the case back for about $100 and saved the movement for spares. It still ticks me off.


There's some real horrible people out there doing these things. On the other hand I can't understand why a delivery person would just leave a package at the door, since it's not the 1950's anymore. Even though most of the time there's somebody home, we got ourselves a Ring doorbell camera, linked to an app om the phone. So when we're not at home we can still answer when the doorbell rings and tell them what to do with the package. Mostly we can tell them to leave it with the neighbours (and can also say 'no not those neighbours') which is convenient.

The story reminds me of this revenge on thieves video:


I have the Ring doorbell, too, and get notified whenever someone in the general vicinity reports a porch pirate. But I live in a relatively small, separately-incorporated town surrounded by the big city of L.A. We have our own police department with not a lot to do, and the pirates seem to know it, because the theft reports I see are always in L.A., never in Culver City. But still, I try to not to have big guitar boxes (which have arrived frequently over the years) left on the porch.

But my favorite FedEx story involves some spice racks my wife ordered. FedEx declared they'd been delivered, but they hadn't been. The seller questioned how we knew they hadn't been delivered, and my wife said "We have a Ring camera, and it shows no one coming to our door that day," and offered to show them proof. They relented and sent us another set of spice racks. A week or so later, my next-door neighbor came over and said "we came back from vacation and found these two boxes addressed to you in our dining room." Apparently, FedEx delivered them to the wrong house (not the first time that's happened), and their house-sitter saw them and brought them in without bothering to look at the address label. They're still sitting in my living room waiting for Mrs. giffenf to figure out what to do with them. I'd be happy to return them, but I ain't paying the shipping for that.


I have more faith in the company I purchased from than UPS. They said they would file a claim with UPS who does all their shipping....and they are a pretty big company. I did get an email today from UPS asking me some pretty stock questions: Did you check with neighbors, look around your property, etc. I did some research today and found out there's a UPS Access Point I can have stuff shipped to about two blocks from my house and Fed Ex will route packages under 55lbs to Walgreens which is close by also. I can also have stuff shipped to where my wife works (she da Boss there) but where I work they don't allow it. My experience with USPS has always been good with stuff that requires a signature....if they miss me at home I can always pick it up at the local Post Office the next day.


I have one of those doorbell cameras, anyone who walks up my sidewalk is recorded. They dont have to ring the doorbell. Its pretty cool. I get an alert and video as soon as they are close enough to trigger the camera.

Its pretty cool


I have a Ring doorbell but it didn't stop anyone from stealing stuff off my porch. My regular security cameras and the Ring provided great footage to the police officers but nothing ever happened. As a deterrent, I figured it would stop but it hasn't.


I guess I'm very lucky I live in a smallish village and have got to know most of the delivery guys, I always ask them how they are and in summer if they have enough water but it pays off. I've had one guy deliver my stuff to the barbers while I was having my hair cut, he was delivering next door and had seen me through the window.


I don’t even think about porch security. I live out in the country and have a wicked mean dog. She’s all the security I need.


Lucky for me that fed ex and ups hubs are within 3 miles of where I live, or else in the last year, neighbors would have seen scores of drop offs in the past year and a half. I just pick them up there so they can’t sprout legs. A lot of my neighbors have had “pirate “ visits, one having had insulin stolen. Bastards.


It still ticks me off.

I see what you did there.


It still ticks me off.

I see what you did there.

– Proteus

I totally meant to do that. Yeah, sure I did. I'm absolutely that clever.


Yeah, it's stupid and thieves suck, as always.

They say that the San Fransisco area is the most hit for porch pirates.

That doesn't mean that the rest of us are immune though.

– Suprdave

A few months ago, I did a gig in San Fran, and my brother told me not to leave one thing in my car that a thief could see, as they had a gang that had lookouts on the street corners watching, as one of their partners would break out your window, and steal whatever you left in there. It's a huge problem!!!


I had four packages of whole wheat bagels stolen from my car last night. There are a lot of petty thieves who just go around neighborhoods pulling on car doors looking for unlocked cars and just nab whatever they can. I've had my car rummaged through more times than I can count and lost several tins of breath mints, yet I still don't lock it unless there's something of value, plus I just plain forget to.

One night a few months ago I spotted the bastard and it was a scrawny little teenager. I thought for a second maybe I should do something, but quickly realized I was not in the mood to chase down and tackle some kid and wait for the police to respond. But now I'm out $6 worth of bagels.


Although we don't have a problem with porch pirates (yet), one night somebody(ies) punched out windows in 4 cars on my street, one of which was mine. All they got was a laptop bag full of barbershop quartet charts. I was worried they might break the window again the next night to bring them back.

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