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Unprecedented low used car prices! Or NSUVD squared. Not Spam!


This is NOT spam!.... Due to the virtual standstill of our US economy, automobile dealerships are blowing out their late model used vehicles at unprecedented low prices (even at a loss), in order to have at least some income. My wife and I were driving old vehicles, myself a 2000 Ford Explorer Limited w/5ltr V8, and her a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid, in which we had already replaced the $5k hybrid battery 65k miles ago (and had no intention of ever buying another one of those!). Other than that $5k hybrid battery, both vehicles had been very reliable servents for us. The Explorer had a Ford Factory Rebuilt Engine installed by the original owner (50k miles ago) after his son broke the oil pan, while off roading, and ran it out of oil. I bought it a few thousand miles after the new engine.

So.....we both had vehicles that ran well, but had some substantial issues (other than the engines or expensive batteries) creeping in (looming), and we've both been on the lookout for a deal to replace our aging vehicles. My wife jumped first, into a 2017 Toyota Rav4 with 22k miles on it for $22k under the price of the 2020 Rav4. I jumped in with both feet, three days later, right into a 2019 Toyota Highlander with only 7k miles on it, for $20k below the price of the 2020 Highlander. We both purchased 6 years 60k miles Factory Extended Warranties and still came out (over) $39k under what buying these 2020 models would have cost. I doubt that we will ever see these kinds of deals again in our life times.

Getting a new (or late model used) car is one of the biggest thrills in modern life. But if one thing does top that thrill, it's being in the position, for the first time, to buy not one, but two expensive late model SUV's.... WITH CASH!


My 2019 Toyota Highlander, Missus Wade H (Darlann), and my Covid-19 beard!


Missus Wade H (Darlann) her 2017 Toyota Rav4, and Wade H (still sporting my Covid-19 beard and looking homeless, me not her! ).


Good score. I checked a local dealer site and saw some deep discounts on their certified used cars. No need, though.


Looks like y'all did well, enjoy and hope you are healing fast with not much pain!


Good score. I checked a local dealer site and saw some deep discounts on their certified used cars. No need, though.

– NJBob

Thanks, Bob. There's been a sea of great deals in the Phoenix metro area to wade into lately, because sales at dealerships are way down (about 50% down from last year during the same time period). We've both bought new cars in the past, but now prefer to let someone else take that first year hit of depreciation. We both had a need for a new vehicle, and the current situation made it the right time.


Looks like y'all did well, enjoy and hope you are healing fast with not much pain!

– farmerbrown

Thanks, farmerbrown, I appreciate the sentiment. I'm doing alright, the pain was/is manageable and I'm beginning to heal, but I found out some interesting results from one of the preop tests. I was required to take both the active viral and antibody tests for Covid-19 a couple of days before surgery. While the active viral test was negative, my antibody test was positive.

Both my wife and I were sick during mid February with, looking back, were classic symptoms of the Corona virus infection. I even had the diminished sense of taste and smell symptom, but thought little about it until that information was put out a month later. It made me suspicious (to say the least) that we may have had it, and the antibody test eventually confirmed that we had.


Cool deals sir!

I've been looking at replacing my old 99 Focus for ,ahem,some time,but all our dealers are closed since the lock down back in the middle of March ,and with no sign of them opening anytime soon i don't think i'll be buying this year.

It will be interesting to see what the prices will be when they do get back to some sort of new normal.


Great news on scoring two great vehicles at fire sale prices! And good news that you're nicely on the mend. If you have the antibodies you're in the clear now.


You have awakened the negotiator in me. We shall see what comes of it.

But I just tied up every cent I have in a house purchase... needed to be rid of the steep slope and too many stairs more'n I need new wheels, but if there's any leftovers when all the real estating is done, I do have a 16yr old Dodge pickup that needs an upgrade..

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