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tweaky trade offs


Does anyone make trade offs when evaluating what works for you? Like I have gone on for years about liking wide (1 3/4") necks. Still true, but since short scale is My New Scene, I will accept a narrower neck since there simply are no short scale models I know of (24" or 22.45" ) that have wide necks. Scale is more important than neck width now.

Likewise for bass -- I prefer short scale but the taut string feel of long scale is so much preferred that I will use long scale even tho it' s 2nd choice. I can't get that feel on a short scale bass no matter what strings I try.

You may have your own examples of similar trade offs...


Dang man Roto Sound .115s are even too floppy for short scale


it's not just about gauge, it's about tension..you can have a light string with a thick inner core that will have more tension than a heavier string with a thinner inner core...the magic of strings!! hah


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