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Trem pedal recommendations?


I'm quite happy with my integrated Trem in my amps, but more frequently, lately, I find that I'm plugged into someone else's amp which doesn't have Trem at all.

So, can someone suggest a pedal that will give me a good Fender-ish or Ampeg-ish Trem sound?

I'd settle for Magnatone Trem, too.


Some people say it's already oudated but I love my Strymon Flint. The harmonic trem should be in the Magnatone camp enough. '65 is what I'd call typical blackface and the '63 is the one I'd expect from a brownface trem amp.

No exactly cheap but you get a great versatile reverb on top. And considering a few tracks I heard of yours you'd love the plate setting.

If you'd like it classy and wobbly only... our own Shuggie's Knee Trembler sounds amazing. http://www.gasfx.co.uk/gasf...


My friend has this. very natural sounding. No A-D then D-A conversion of your signal


Fender amp style trem : Fulltone Supa Trem. Still the best one IMO. On a budget - great sounding tremolo pedal with (very) annoying knob layout, but dirt cheap : Danelectro "Cool cat" trem.

Magnatone is really something in between pitch bend vibrato and tremolo, and the Bigfoot Magnavibe does that very well. for that sound, still my favorite soundwise, but a little sensitive to what adapter you use with it. Doesn't play nice with just any 9V power source.

Shuggie's Knee Trembler is pretty great too, he built me a vibrato-only version I'm currently using, have not tried the tremolo version yet.


Tremolo is a tricky one, because so many trem pedals add compression or noise or lose volume... The BYOC trem is surprisingly good. Based on the EA (Electronics Australia, an old magazine) circuit it just works.

But really I have to agree with Sascha. The Flint is by far the best pedal trem i have tried, and I have tried many. I'm not a big Strymon fanboy but the Flint is the good one. All three reverbs and trems are good, but i particularly favour the middle setting of both - bias vary trem and plate reverb.

It's funny - I used to think the spring reverb setting wasn't very good on the Flint, but I had the chance to compare both the reverb and trem of my Flint with a friend's DRRI last week and they actually compare very well! I was shocked at how close the spring reverb setting was to the DRRI's reverb. It's my least favourite setting on the Flint. Same with the tremolo - it captures BF trem very well, but the bias-vary trem is so much better. And the brown-era trem is captured very well too, as I have recently heard a real brown-era trem.

Built-in bias-vary tremolo is still the best, but the Flint gets mighty close.


Nothing sounds as nice as a Fender or Magnatone, But I haven't had a reason to replace my Voodoo Lab for use with amps w/out. Mine is a 2 knobber.


Just got a used Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer off Diggey. I love it. Except for the name and the graphics. Sound-wise it is very brown face.


Boss TR2 - just point all the knobs to 1-2o'clock. Very Fenderish, tough n cheap. Been on my board the past ten years.


I don't know anything about trem pedals.

That said, I have a Carl Martin trem pedal, which was cheap and gives a nice subtle wobble, maybe a bit wooly if that makes any sense.

I also have a Marshall Vibratrem which was also cheap and to me is more expressive than the Carl Martin.

Both sound nice to my ears, but I rarely use them. I want to use it for one or two songs in our set. I should experiment more I guess.


For years I've been nothing but happy with an old big-box Dunlop TS-1. I bought it because I had read that Duane used on. Recently I also got a J. Rockett Josh Smith Dual Trem. I like it just a little more than the TS-1 only because I can toggle between two independent trems.


Boss TR2 - just point all the knobs to 1-2o'clock. Very Fenderish, tough n cheap. Been on my board the past ten years.

– jetbunny

TR2 is a workhorse for sure. I'm not getting rid of mine. But the Pareidolia is a whole different league. It's practically black/white to technicolor.

Were money no object, I'd get one of these: http://www.delisleguitar.co...

Our own Mugsy (Jer De Lisle) put brown face harmonic tube bias tremolo, complete with one 12AT7 and one 12AX7 in a stomp box. That'd be ideal for me.


I've had the Danelectro Cool Cat trem and the Strymon Flint and I can confidently recommend both.

You're welcome to borrow my Danelectro trem crowbone, to see if it does what you need.


Another vote(s) for the Strymon Flint and Fulltone SupaTrem. Both are OUTSTANDING IMO.


These are cheap but I love mine.


For Magnatone vibrato, Bigfoot magnavibe is the one. Mine came to me modded for slower speed at the slowest setting. A good thing. No noise with this pedal with the Godlyke powerall.

For trem, the best I've tried are the Suhr Jackrabbit and Alexander Equilibrium. Both pedals have many trem sounds available. The equilibrium has several useful features: an analogue knob for controlling wave shape. No presets. Also has both a depth knob and a mix knob. Very useful. Plus three modes. Trem being one. Another for the brownface kind of harmonic trem. Not bad at all, but I never use it. The Vibrato setting actually sounds somewhere between leslie and chorus. Interesting effect, but I prefer my neo ventilator for that type of sound. MD


With the"Vibe" setting disabled, this one gets a very nice and usable Magnatone-type vibrato.


Supro trem anybody? Tempted by the idea of the gain section and built in power amp overdrive...


For Fender power tube-bias Trem, the Monster Effects Swamp Thang can't be beat.

For Fender optical trem (like in the DR/DRRI), Fulltone Supa-Trem is the one.

Harmonic trem I can't say, I owned a Pareidolia, but I'm not into that being-underwater-and-tripping-on-acid sound LOL.


i was waiting for someone to mention the swamp thing...it's been on my list for a while. seems really reasonable for the price and sounds great. I've been vacillating about picking one up, but i'm gonna need to eventually.


I have one of Tavo's Nailheads and couldn't be happier:



Fulltone Supa Trem. Love it. It's also a mainstay on mr JD McPherson's board.

I have one that I'm about to list in the garage section. Since my new amp has trem I no longer need it.

$120 shipped and paypal'd


Your going to get as many responses as there are pedals.


I've got a Fulltone Supa Trem which is really warm sounding to my ear. I bought it from someone here at GDP but don't remember who.

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