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Tour de France


In the past few years I have become a big fan of the Tour de France and some of the other big races in Europe. I love the scale of coverage. You get to see such beautiful scenery and places you would never otherwise see unless you actually went there yourself.

The Giro d'Italia has some incredible countryside on view, as does the Critérium du Dauphiné. But I have enjoyed this year's Tour de France particularly because the green jersey has been worn by an Australian, Michael Matthews. Michael went to Melrose High School in Canberra, which I very nearly went to but for leaving Canberra for Perth just before I was due to attend. My older bother and sister went there.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the TV coverage of events like these. In the northern winter we watch the European skiing and baithlons because the locations look so exotic to us and help cool us down while we swelter through our summer. But the cycling is fun because we can see our countrymen taking part.

Vive le Tour!


I haven't watched it since Lance Armstrong let us all down. Previously, I started becoming interested in cycling when Greg LeMond was making his great comeback. I got a bike and started riding....a lot. Loved it. Used to watch all of the tours and rooted for team Motorola. Watched the rise of Lance Armstrong, comeback from cancer...best rider of all time, we THOUGHT....then, hugely disappointed to find out about the doping. After that, I lost interest.


I was big into cycling for many years...then I got my drivers license.


I can't run throw or catch to save my life. Cycling was the only sport I ever competed in, and the only pro sport I follow. Been watching the tour since '87. I've run bike shops since the late '90s, so at this point it's a professional obligation!


I've watched loads this year, both of my boys are mad about cycling. My eight year old missed the last week of school due to chickenpox and has been pretty much glued to the coverage. He spent about ten minutes running around and punching the air when his hero Froome won. It's been nice for me to see his obsession with the sport grow and this from Frog Bikes is already on his Christmas list.


I watched it everyday.

The coverage could not be any better. The multiple helicopter cameras over the French country side is amazing. All of it in HD no less.

I was told it is broadcast is 183 countries everyday.

The descents in the alps were simply breathtaking.

The team strategies were very interesting to watch unfold.

A great event I look forward too every year.


I don't care about the cyclists. I just watch it for the castle porn.


Funnily enough, that was me for a while. too. You don't have to wait long to see a castle in France! More castles in France than any other country. But as you watch it you do start to get into the characters of the riders. Last year I was delighted to see Froome win as I really enjoyed the stage where he took the yellow with his audacious descent.

This year I was keen to see how fellow Aussie Richie Porte went only to be horrified to see him fall on the descent at Les Chats. But I still watch more for the French countryside than for the actual race. The Giro d'Italia was not as good this year as last either because there were fewer mountain stages. As someone who lives in a flat, sun-drenched city I love mountains, forests and snow.


I watched snippets of it, mainly due to the time difference between Europe and Australia's east coast.

When I saw Richie Porte's crash on the news, it made me think how lucky I am I ride a mountain bike. No one ever crashes those things!


It is back up and running - maybe cycling - for 2018. In company with Wimbledon and the the soccer World Cup.

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