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Totally off any topic - Name the Go-Go Rillas custom 1932 Ford Truck


I know I'm new here, so if this is taken as spam, feel free to delete - it's already posted at surf guitar 101 but I like the tone and timbre of this board so I figured I wouldn't ruffle too many feathers posting it.

The Monkees had the "Monkeemobile", ZZ Top had the "Eliminator" and now the GO-GO Rillas are bringing their custom 1932 Ford Truck to the masses!

But there's a problem!

We don't have a clever name for it! Help us name this magic yellow truck, won't you?

Our favorite name will be branded on the doors and make appearances at our upcoming shows! Here's a few suggestions to get the party started! "Baboon Banana Banger" "Go-Go RillaRod" Whatcha got?


Don't forget the Voxmobile!

Cool old rides and cool old guitars belong together. '49 Mercs and 6120s, etc. So this post works for me.

Any number of good names for that rig. Let's see what comes in.


Indeed!! The Voxmobile is a cool one!

I just heard a really cool Vox commercial on a surf compilation today - all the hip bands are playing them!


How about the .... The Banana-“B” ?

Or more accurately for a 1932 Ford Truck...... The Banana- “BB”


Here's a kind of simple one.. "The Banana Hauler"


Banana Roadie

Banana Runner

Banana Woody - Assuming there’s wood on the cargo floor or else add some (or faux) to the indentation around the wheel well.


Maybe too nice to be the Jungle Jalopy, so how about the Jungle Jammer?


The Rilla-Grilla!

Still plays on Gorilla and Grille. Then work in a chrome gorilla into the grille.



Totally Bananas




Pickup the Gear

Free Beer

The Fezmobile

32 Bananas

Go-Go Bananas


Ha! This gang has some great suggestions! We're up to about 50 or 60 names and there's still another week to go.


Curious Ford, aka The Van With the Yellow Hat


Some great suggestions! Last day for name submissions! If the Gorilla gang pick yours you might be in for a Rilla-Surprise!

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