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Top Five Favorite Guitarists


Today it's Chet Atkins,Django, Lightn'in Hopkins ,Bill Jennings, and Barney Kessell.

  1. Duane Eddy
  2. Marty Stuart
  3. Vince Gill
  4. Chet Atkins
  5. Bert Weedon

Very hard to do, but, in no order...

Nick McCabe (Verve) Nels Cline Bill Frisell Junior Brown The Edge

These are ones who have both hit me emotionally and given me those moments where you think there’s no point in ever playing the guitar again because you could never get close to such standards.


i guess i should have done bassists too. first and foremost is always Jack Casady, my single favorite player on any instrument ever since i was 12 years old and "Somebody to Love" came out. then Phil Lesh, Mani Mounfield from the Stone Roses and Primal Scream, Peter Hook form Joy Division and New Order, and Adam from U2. n.b. that's "electric bass guitarists"...stand-up bassists are a whole other question.


I haven't played this round because there's no way to limit it to five. That's just too unfair when I can think of so many greats.

I see a couple other respondents have exceeded the limit and not been ticketed, though, so I'll try to limit it to ten.

In no order: Peter Green/Danny Kirwan (one guy because it's hard to know who did what), Bill Frisell, Joao Erbetta, Jeff Beck, Steve Howe, Chet, Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth, Bucky Pizzarelli, Hendrix, Page, Knopfler, Duane, Blackmore, Steve Buckley, Gregg Shively, myself.

Uh oh,17. I even failed my own test of selectivity.


New day, new list...

Bill Frisell

Mike Campbell

Andy Latimer

Tommy Tedesco

Brian Setzer



George Tomsco

Nokie Edwards

James Burton

Merle Travis

Les Paul

  1. Duane Eddy

  2. Chuck Berry

  3. Bo Diddley

  4. Ry Cooder

  5. Link Wray


Django Reinhardt

Lonnie Johnson

Chuck Berry

George Harrison

John Lennon


These choices definitely reveal the age of the poster. No need for a birth certificate; just ask "Top 5 Favorite Guitarists" and I can nail your birthday right down to the year, month, day, and hour born!



Wes Montgomery

Doyle Dykes

Mark Knopfler

Bill Piburn

– Paolo_Spadaro

I am 32 years old!!!


Here I go. 1. Tommy Emmanuel 2. Mark Knopfler 3. Don Peris (the innocence mission) 4. Dave Evens (the edge) 5. Julian Lage


Oo oo...I almost forgot Dave Gregory.

  1. Mike Ness
  2. Greg Ginn
  3. Brian Setzer
  4. Keith Richards
  5. Rich Robinson...and several dozen more...Mike Palm, BZ, Marc Ford, on and on...

Yesterday, I listed my Top Five. Well, here's today' list, or if you will, My Top Five, Part 2:

Vince Gill

Duane Eddy

Brian Setzer

Tommy Emmanuel

James Burton

I could probably do a Top 20 and still leave one or three out!


I agree with Kevin Frye in that I could list 20 and still have many more. There are many that are my favorites but I just don't listen to them enough so I feel like a "poser" to say that they are my favorite.....Danny Gatton is an example. I love him but don't listen to him enough so I guess that makes me a bad fan instead!

1) Stevie Ray Vaughan

2) David Gilmour

3) BB King

4) Johnny Winter

5) Albert Lee, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Mississippi John Hurt, T-Bone Walker, Brian Setzer, Paul Pigat, Doc Watson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Buddy Guy, Robben Ford, Dicky Betts, Walter Trout, Duke Robillard, Johnny Hiland, Lonnie Johnson, Sonny Landreth, Les Paul, Albert King, Gregor Hilden, and.......

our very own Holger Bogen!

Then there's he list of favorites I just don't listen to enough.........Danny Gatton, Jerry Reed, Glen Campbell, and 50+ more

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