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Top Dead Center Live


On Facebook.


If you don't have Facebook, you likely can't see my link but it boils down to a FBLive show Jan 23rd @ 7pm CST

Hope y'all can attend but if not, I'll have a link to Youtube after the show is over.

Happy New Year!


Finally playing bowls!

All right!


Yes! The Sh** Bowl.

Here's a link to our last FBLive show...


Rock 'n' F *g Roll! TDC = Hi Octane! Nicely done!!!


Highly appreciated compliment, BigJim. Thanks.


Just a heads up reminder about our FB Live show tomorrow night. Hope y'all can attend or even watch afterwards.


Hey folks! Thanks to those who attended Saturday nights show. If you missed it or don't have facebook, it is now on the tube...clams and all.


Looked like fun and the music was rockin'!


Thanks, BigJim. It was fun!


I got a copy of Suprdave's 'Top Dead Center' album, 'I Believe It's Time'. As you will surely agree, Suprdave is a real stalwart on these pages, absolutely at the heart of the community with a consistently positive and encouraging spirit.

However, that's not why you might consider supporting his creativity. Suprdave deserves support because his work is very good indeed.

I Believe- Lift off into effortless flight with this strong opening song. The heavy guitars, raw vocals and strong rhythm section motifs are firmly established and the entire album sustains this energy.

You Think- Oh, such a filthy bass hook and vocals to peel the wallpaper!

I Wonder Why- Introduces a softer opening texture which morphs into a knockout Tyson punch.

Second Wind- Just like the elemental force of the title, this song whirls, lulls and intensifies into a howling gale. There are some excellent percussive guitar touches and a very interesting polyrhythmic vocal hook too.

One Voice- This has a compelling narrative on the theme on the choices men are faced with. A strong lyric.

Here Beside Me- And this is a big, bad blues. Gritty, dark, fabulous.

Here's Your Kiss- Another dirty bass hook to drape the song onto. Lovely density in the twin guitar chord work has a cool Foo Fighters vibe.

Top Dead Center- Delicious vocal harmonies, driving 7#9 groove and I learnt how to tune an engine from the lyric. Win.

And I Got To Say- Deep detuned thrills aplenty.

Place In My Mind- Takes a Brill Building-style soul chord progression and gives it a max-intensity Dave workout.

Soul- Surely Mr Soul!, for this one channels an authentic Neil Young spirit, starting on acoustic and flooding into full Down By The River rapids.

No Man- Barrels along with a locomotive shuffle groove, as refreshing and clear as branch water

Thank You- A love letter wrapped in a monster track. Fantastic juxtaposition of sincere sentiment and juicy dirt.

This record isn't an all-out assault: it picks the brutal moments carefully, with shaded and nuanced arrangements. Everybody pulls in the same direction with strong and empathic performances from all the personnel. The production should also get a mention, for it's hard to get heavy guitars to sound bold and distinct from one another, to achieve meaty drums and bass that sit so well in every mix: this record is notably well balanced throughout, peppered with deft production touches.

In 'I Wonder Why' Dave makes the plea, "I wanna give!" You do Dave. You do.


Oh Ade, I blush.

Thanks so much for that stellar review. So glad that you "Get it" with my music.


Your record earned that review Dave.


I posted a review of Suprdave's album on Amazon. I was obliged to buy from the UK site, so had to review it there too. Of maximal irritation, the review only seems to appear on the UK site and not elsewhere. This policy feels absurd and somewhat counterproductive, but it is what it is.

It's not quite worked exactly as intended, but I've done my level best to support the album and to give it some oxygen.



Well with a name like Top Dead Centre your timing better be spot-on!


Ade ! You are way too kind sir.

If I ever make it big, you get a commission.

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