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Took a ride on a B-17 Flying Fortress


Folks, it probably won’t be soon, but I’ll have some inside info at some point and I will share it. My friend Gary Mazzone was an aviation and history buff. This flight was on his bucket list. Gary LIVED life. He retired in January and was busier after retirement than before. Gary had been a Vernon, CT police officer for 24 years, holding the rank of captain and was acting chief for a while. Gary and I got hired together as Inspectors for the CT Division of Criminal Justice. We were partners in crime, not only in our duties with the high level investigations we conducted, but in the intricate, but harmless pranks we would play on our friends and colleagues. Most importantly, Gary was truly an awesome husband, father and grandfather.

Gary was always there for me during the trying times leading up to and through my divorce. He was a Justice of the Peace as well and officiated my marriage to Joyce. My son is getting married next May and Gary was going to perform that ceremony as well.

Gary was a little bit of a guitar player. He was somewhat ambidextrous-shot righty, wrote lefty. I helped his wife get him a guitar about 15 years ago and it was a lefty. He could pick up my guitar and play it upside down and backwards. Always blew my mind when he did that.

I could go on for pages recounting so many great memories. Gary was just a good man. As for the loss felt by his family and the rest of us, there are just no words.

Finally, my heart goes out to all of the other victims, their friends and families as well.


I'm so sorry to see how this thread of celebration could turn into one of such tragedy and loss.

Zig, my deepest condolences on your loss. I have a couple of friends of 20+ years and I can't imagine losing them, especially in such tragic circumstances.

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