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Tom Petty RIP


I just read that his death has not been confirmed from multiple outlets including the LAPD.

– NJDevil

I was shocked when I read the OP. Then I followed the link. And the news seems inconclusive. I sure hope he pulls through. He's only two years and nine months older than I am.


So sad. He is one of the greatest songwriters of the past 40 years in my opinion. It's amazing the amount of well written, well crafted songs he has written. He's a natural at that. Then add Mike Campbell and you got all those great recordings.


The spokesman for the family announced Tom's passing at 8:40 (Pacific Time) Monday evening.

Bless his heart.


40 years of great music. Vaya con Dios, Tom.


I still can't get over that Tom is gone.

On KLOS 95.5 here in LA over the past couple of weekends they have been replaying little snippets of an in studio appearance that Tom had with the late great Bob Coburn (Rockline) and how Tom was talking about how he liked playing acoustic guitar in a rock n roll guitar role (not exactly any of their words but something of that effect). Now this is before Tom passed away that they were playing this of course.


Another Wilburys brothers is gone


I guess this next decade is going to suck. I'm happy to have lived during an exciting time for music but it's so disturbing that they're all passing one by one. No one will fill his shoes, an icon of the time.


R.I.P., Tom.

"You belong among the wildflowers.
You belong in a boat out at sea.
Sail away, kill off the hours.
You belong somewhere you feel free."


What a stone cold horrible past 24hrs.........all those innocent souls in Vegas and Tom Petty.


Agreed, this really came as a shock.


Easily, my favorite rock musician whose concerts I always thoroughly enjoyed. Great songwriter, great bandleader, and a champion for what he believed in.

His songs are always in my playlist and will continue to be. But, this does create a huge void. The thought of the next ten or so years without any more new music from Tom Petty is a depressing one. Somehow, though, I find it easier to accept someone's death when their heart simply stops beating than when they have gone out on a mixture of alcohol and drugs. Hopefully, this was simply Tom's time to go.

It is a sad day for music lovers everywhere.


Terrible news -- again. Agree with Proteus -- way "too young".

Rest in Peace, Tom. And thank you... so much.


Makes this all the more special...


Warner Bros. just rolled out a huge mural of TP in Burbank. * photo credit: TMZ


This hits me particularly hard because Tom Petty and I are near the same age. When the last of the Baby Boomers is gone, who's going to carry on Our Music? I feel like rock'n'roll is the folk music of my generation. And Tom was one of the foremost creators of straight ahead rock'n'roll with roots back into the '60s. RIP, Tom. We're really going to miss you.


Still so bummed about Tom Petty passing. Undeniably, one of the greats. I became a fan just after Damn the Torpedoes came out - still one of the greatest rock n roll albums.

Some artists have a way of making music their own way that moves people and finds an audience, but maybe a limited audience. Others find huge commercial success, but their music isn't of the highest calibre. Then there are those rarities like Tom Petty that achieve both.

Not many people could totally deserve to hang with Harrison, Dylan, Orbison, but Tom earned his way into that company with his dedication to songcraft and to the art of recording.

So glad I got to see this last 40th Anniversary tour. They were great. Saw them in 89(?) on the Full Moon Fever tour and later, sometime in the 2000s, a summer outdoor show at Molson Amphitheatre. They were one of the best live bands ever. Just such wonderful shows.

R.I.P. Tom Petty.


I share that feeling, Jimbodiddley. I have been watching Running Down A Dream on Netflix last night and tonight (it is four hours in length) and enjoying every second of it. He really was the real deal with a tremendous band of musicians.


I share that feeling, Jimbodiddley. I have been watching Running Down A Dream on Netflix last night and tonight (it is four hours in length) and enjoying every second of it. He really was the real deal with a tremendous band of musicians.

– Ric12string

I've lost count of how many times I've watched that, I'm hoping for a directors cut so It'll be longer. One of the best documentaries and insights of the music business.


We played three Petty songs at our gig last night. The crowd really appreciated the tunes.

Been hooked on Tom Petty ever since he and the Heartbreakers played a concert at Providence College during my freshman year. Petty was a straightforward guitar oriented rocker, nothing too complex, just sounded really good. The guy loved his guitars, and by all accounts was a good human.

Joyce offered me Petty tickets this past Summer for my birthday and I poo poo'd it because I thought they were too expensive. Certainly a huge regret. My stepson got me a Tom Petty biography this year. I think I'll be delving into that soon. RIP, Tom......


I was fresh out of the Navy in the mid 70's, living in Hollywood. The accelerator cable broke on my VW and I was fixing it in the back of the Sears parking lot on Melrose when a long old black Hearse pulls in next to me. Who jumps out? It was Tom Petty and Mike Cambell and the whole band all dressed up for a meeting. Now, mind you, this was like late 1975 maybe 76, they weren't even famous or I believe signed yet. But I'm telling you even at that time I was like Wow, who ARE those Guys? Next year I headed off to College and caught them up north for the Damn the Torpedoes tour in 78, been a Fan ever since. Original American Rock n Roller, RIP Tom


After reading the article about Tom Petty's reflections on the 12-string guitar, I happened over to ÜTube this morning to watch The Heartbreakers set at the Super Bowl. Very impressive. The crowd consists of many, if not most, people half his age as his music was liked by most demographic groups. The performance was polished, yet not slick. Just straight ahead rock 'n' roll. Even the lighting guys and production guys understood what made Petty so special -- they focused on the guitars. The show kicked off with a logo heart being pierced by the Flying V guitar. In the background, the lights and visual images were of a guitar neck with the frets and position markers speeding by. All very cool.

2008 Super Bowl Performance, Part I

2008 Super Bowl Performance, Part II


Last night's Saturday Night Live was opened by Jason Aldean and his band performing Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down." More rock than country, and moving both musically and emotionally. Nice choice.

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