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Tom Petty RIP


Gonna put in some time on my Rickenbacker today.


God bless him. This has really been a numbing day.


Terrible news --- really sad to hear this. The band playing in my local pub has just kicked into Freefallin'.


"Free Falling".... soar on Tom Petty....


Oh no. One of my favorites. This sucks.


I use to work for Howie from 1997-2001/02. I got to met Tom a couple of times. He was a nice cat and didn't know me from a pile of rocks, but always made me feel like I was just as entitled to be there with them. I hope he's hanging with George, Roy & Howie..He just wrapped his 40th Anni. Tour a week ago here in SoCal.


Gonna put in some time on my Rickenbacker today.

– tubwompus

Unbelievable news.. Yep. Going to play some Petty tonight on my Ric as well.

RIP, Tom.


I'm not looking forward to breaking this to my son Joe, he's eight and completely obsessed with Tom Petty.

Some days are just a pile of shit and this one is way way up there.


Hard to believe that there won't be any new TP records anymore. So sad. Smurfing cigarettes.


Yeah. This one hits.


Like i said on the other thread,i'm shocked ,stunned and saddened.

RIP Sir,you will be missed.


My sister texted me the news.

She took me to see him a month or so ago, and he was amazing.

So glad I got to see him this last tour.

I'll drown my sorrows by playing a bunch of Tom's tunes tonight.


I just saw him in Tampa last May. Very sad. :(


I just read that his death has not been confirmed from multiple outlets including the LAPD.


So sad to hear this news. There is now a huge void in that genre of music!


Very sad news. There is now a hole in the heart of American music. RIP Tom Petty and thanks for so much great music.


He's still with us as of 6PM EDT, but the prognosis isn't good.


He's still with us as of 6PM EDT, but the prognosis isn't good.

– wabash slim

Yes. Just read updates from outlets that previously reported his passing. They now say that he's been taken off life support with a DNR order. No brain activity. Seems it's just a matter of time. So sad...


It's been a tough 24 hours. But driving home from work tonight, the radio station played about 7 Tom Petty songs in a row, and things were alright for a while.

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