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In keeping with medical themes popping up here now and again. I thought since there was one now, I might post one again. :)

Today I go to meet my surgeon for Gastro bypass surgery. After over 9 months of testing, evaluation and waiting, today is when the ball really gets rolling. Or not. They could refuse me if the surgeon doesn't like something. So I am a bit anxious at this point. If all goes well, I start a strict diet to remove fat from around my liver, as they have to lift it out of the way to get to my stomach, which should last for a couple or so weeks and then it's operation time.

So if you have a moment and feel inclined, hum a few bars for me will ya? ;-)


Wow, 2 surgeries on the same day (You & Bear). That's a whole lot of positive thoughts/prayers needed.

Fortunately, with the GDP there's no shortage of that to go around. Good Luck and I'll keep you in my prayers today. :)


Good luck and my prayers are with you Jetrow.


Jetrow, Best wishes. I'll be thinking of you.



Sure enough. Prayers being sent.


Jetrow, I went through I Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass 7 years ago. It's the best thing I've ever done! It will always require work to maintain my loss (almost 200 lbs), but I love the gym and being healthy! Best of luck to you. Do exactly what the docs tell you. It takes work to make the operation work, but it's GREAT! Best wishes!


We're with you, brother. Praying for the best imaginable results!


My wife had this procedure (not the liver part) about 6 years ago, and it went without a hitch. We had to go to Monterey, Calif to have it done as that is where one of the best surgeons for this bypass surgery was visiting. She has to drink high protein drinks now as well as some other dietary changes. It was well worth it to her.

Good luck and best wishes on your procedures!


Good luck Jetrow.

Hope all goes well fer ya.


Awesome! Well today was just meeting her. All went well and my surgery will take place Jun13th. I should be out of the hospital by the 15th if all goes according to plan.

Thanks for all the support. You guys are cool! 8-)


Remind us again when it comes up. Take care.


Good luck to you, Jetrow. And good on you for taking control over an issue that can seriously affect your good health.


Good luck



sounds like you're on a good path. Glad to hear.


Take care Jetrow, all the best!


Here's hoping it all goes well - and a salute to the new you who's coming soon.


Been checking catalogs for cool skinny clothes?

Joking aside; Prayers and best wishes for a great outcome, Jetrow.


Hey thanks again folks, it's good to read these and know there are those who care. I've been getting some of the old clothes out of storage in preparation but yeah, shopping for new stuff is definitely on the agenda for afterward. One of the big deals for me is to be able to ride a bike again. No more sitting around, I plan on being much more active after this.

Thanks again!


Jetrow, best wishes from Hamilton!

Where are you having the procedure done?

If you need anything let me know, I'm only an hour away!

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