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Today, Jan 8, Is Elvis’ and Bear’s Birthday


Ol' Bear has been getting a lot of press lately, but I remember that he was always kinda proud that he shared the same birthday with Elvis.

So, Happy Birthday, Bear. Miss you, Buddy.


Happy Birthday and blessings to both of them, and to all others who share this same day.



Requiescat in pacem, Elvis and Bear.

Hopefully that is his latest jam.


In my Heart, Brother Bear. SALUTE!


David Bowie's birthday, too!


Hope they're all sitting down together for a delightful peanut butter/bacon/banana sandwich :)


It's my Mama's 91st today, also me and the Misses 35th anniversary. I believe a famous battle occurred today that Johnny Horton fans might be aware of as well. Anywho, hope Bear and Elvis are having the best time ever!


Also this guy....


I wore my Elvis tie to church yesterday to celebrate.


Happy Birthday Bear. This is quite a day for birthdays.


I'd like to think that Bear is playing the arrangement of 'Ghost riders" I did for him a while back, while Elvis is doin' the singing with David providing harmony and Luther adding the fabulous understated licks he was good at.

Now THAT's a band.

Rest easy, Steve.

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