Miscellaneous Rumbles

Today is Violet’s 13th birthday!


We went over to her house late this afternoon and gave her gifts. We all sat outside and stayed at least 6' apart and no hugs.


Happy Birthday!

My God, they grow up fast.


Happy birthday, Violet! Many happy returns to this lovely young lady! What a precious granddaughter you have, farmerbrown! Thanks for sharing her pretty (and goofy) pictures with us.


Happy Birthday to Violet!
Farmerbrown you have an absolutely LOVELY granddaughter!


What an absolutely beautiful granddaughter Violet is Don!! Love the pics you shared with us!


Farmer Brown, you've got a lovely granddaughter!

She's really growing up fast! Glad to see that she's still got a silly streak. Happy Birthday!


Lord, she's gonna be a heartbreaker, Don!

When I joined the GDP in 2007, she was a new-born! And we've watched her really grow up over the years through your picture posts. As always, thank you for sharing your family with our GDP family.

Happy Birthday Violet!


Well, Don, I swear this is impossible! Tell her, please, I wish her a very happy birthday. She is a vision.


Happy birthday Violet! My 13-yo daughter sends her best wishes too ;D


Happy Birthday Violet!

Cool pics sir.


What a beautiful, happy young lady. I hope she has had a very happy birthday. Grand daughters are special.

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