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To those in the path of Hurricane Michael…..


Please be safe, hoping you will all get through with no major difficulties.


This one's going to be powerful, stay safe. Keeping some masks around might not be a bad idea with the whole red tide thing going on down there.

If there's anything good about this one it's moving fast and isn't going to stall.


Not sure we have any active members in the panhandle where it will make landfall. My wife does have an Aunt there. Hope for the best.

Luckily this is mostly a non-event here in Tampa.


Oh my goodness, another one. Praying for peoples safety.


Was down in the Tampa/St. Pete area at a quarterly business meeting as it passed. The drive home to Jax was a pain. Man, the panhandle got his so hard. I sure hope anyone/everyone stays as safe as they can.


Just saw a CNN video of a train which was apparently blown off the tracks by the storm. That takes some serious wind.


My wife and I split our time between Chicago and Panama City Beach. Not surprisingly, we've been preoccupied with hurricane Michael and its aftermath. If all goes well, we head down this Sunday. Here's the latest update we just posted in our blog. https://steveandjohnnie.wor...


I had to go rescue my 92 year old mom the next day in Alabama just across the state line with Georgia. Her house has some minor damage, but power lines from Tallahassee to points north were down. Donalsonville Ga, which the eye passed over, looks like a bomb went off. And that's a good 70 miles inland. The next town over is where my mom was. Every little town I passed through not only had lines down everywhere, but you had to be real careful as they weren't lying down across the roads, but down the roads and sometimes twisted up. It was bare knuckle driving the whole way, I can tell you that.


My little town took some of the worst that Florence had to offer, and a lot of folks here lost roof shingles and trees. 8 days without power and, until Michael came along, I thought that we had been beaten up on, but my heart just hurts when I see the pictures of the Florida panhandle.

Wind is one thing, and bad enough, but the surge of water will wipe the slate clean.

Prayers and best wishes to the Florida panhandle.


It's been over a month since hurricane Michael hit the Panhandle. The news cycle has moved on to other things. Unfortunately, the daily news for far too many Panhandle residents in Michael's wake is still full of stories of trying to just survive in a new devastating reality. We've been in Panama City Beach for the past few weeks and thought those of you who visited this forum might be interested in our latest blog post, which includes some photos taken one month out. https://steveandjohnnie.wor...


Lots of damage . . . I assume that Pineapple Willy's has re-opened? (The owner is a distant cousin of mine.)

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