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The view from the office last week.


Got started planting corn on 4-28, here are a few pitchers. Having trouble with pics today.


In the last week, things have been turning green around here as well. Good luck with the crop this year.


Spring finally broke here in Minnesota last week. hadn't seen anyone in the fields plowing yet though. nice pictures, Don. that granddaughter is getting cuter every day. are you gonna let her start driving a tractor when she's old enough ?



– farmerbrown

What a sweetheart, Don Don't think you could look prouder!!

I'll bet she's had a hand or two driving the equipment by now.....with you right there so she doesn't have any problems of course.


Always love the shots from the farm Don! It sure is great when spring comes, everything just moves a little bit better.


Shit I'm a hay farmer, but it has been so wet6 that I still have a long row of round bales sitting in on of my fields that I am unable to get out because I'll rip up my ground, I really don't wan't to resurface and replant grass. Honestly I do not have the big machines that you do. in two years we will plant corn and plow most of it under to fix a bit of nitro. That said hay is the lazy mans crop, basically you sit back and watch grass grow then hire a bunch of Amish to stack it.


Now I need to drag my lawn machine out pull off the deck and put a new spindle on to it, so funny I should even say that these days as most of our young'ns would not even have a clue as to what that means, much less pulling an old Ford out of the long grass and doing an entire break job on it so that I can go and pick up a couple of big slabs of granite. Sucks getting old, but what sucks more is how inept our younger generation really is. I bet they can't even wash their hands without help. Bet they spell better then I do


TV shows like "This Old House" and "Dirty Jobs" have been talking about how it's getting harder to find someone interested in skilled trades. Even fast food joints are desperate for even part time help. When kids are more interested in being YouTube celebrities and professional bloggers and "social media influencers" (came across that one last week---I have no idea what it really means) we're in trouble. The demise of skilled trade unions (or of all unions in general) isn't helping, either. When you look at the massive amount of debt kids get into to get a bachelor's degree (especially in something other than STEM) you've really got to consider that a skilled trade job often pays you while you're learning.


By a show of hands. How many of you can wire a telephone? How many of you would look at the wall and wonder how much it will cost to get a pro in?? Stuff like that is really very simple stuff. So are your hands to clean or are you just to simple. Yup I am educated but still able to use my hands as god intended them to be used. Sometimes a human has got to stand up and be a smart ape.


What a sweetheart, Don Don't think you could look prouder!!

I'll bet she's had a hand or two driving the equipment by now.....with you right there so she doesn't have any problems of course.

– Windsordave

Violet drives once in a while when we aren't planting, the tractor has auto steer so it drives itself going through the field and there is just too much going on to put her in the seat when I'm planting.


Don -- once again, WONDERFUL photos! Thank you!

When you post your "View From the Office" thread each year I KNOW that spring has sprung! And that feels good!

Your granddaughter Violet is transitioning from Cute to Lovely! You should be VERY proud!


Thanks Dan and everyone else, just to give a little perspective, that planter is 40' wide when unfolded.


Yeah Don, I am jealous, You have got the big machines. I don't have anything 40 foot wide, now I'll get in big trouble, except my wifes ass.


I always admire your handiwork. I sure hope everything works well for you this season. Maybe the weather will cooperate, and the bugs will stay away so that you will have a good crop.

Violet sure is growing up fast. I'm glad you are keeping her close to you so that she can see the dignity in your hard work, and it will make her a little more demanding in a few years when it comes time for her to choose a mate. That sure is a pretty smile she has.

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