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The Ventures Current Line Up - Your Thoughts?


The last CCR album was called Pendulum, was without Tom Fogerty and featured several (way too many) songs by Cook and Clifford.

Reminds me of the Doors after Morrison. They carried on gamely with an album bearing the hopeful lemonade-from-lemons name Other Voices, and it’s not terrible. In fact it’s ok - it just isn’t the Doors. Another unique band formula: Morrison didn’t play an instrument, and I’ve never had the impression he dictated parts or directed the band. But without his sensibility and voice - his apparent role in centering and focusing the music - three very talented, creative, and agile musicians didn’t seem able to find the identity he had lent them.

They got another shot at the magic with Full Circle a year later, with even worse results. It’s a shame, because 3/4 of the band worked hard and consistently, generally behaved like responsible adults, and had played ALL the music - but their professional fate was in the hands of a self-destructive (if visionary and incandescent) madman.

I suppose it’s equally hard to imagine Zeppelin without Robert Plant, or The Who without Daltrey.

– Proteus

Indeed! The Who AND Zep weren't the same after their drummers left the building. Then we have the post-Garcia Dead & Co. lineups,which like the original, don't fit any mold. Good point about Mike Love's Beach Boys,whose only original member is Mike himself.Even at that,the originals didn't play on their later hits.Just sang,so Mike's anonymous-to-most sidemen can be thought to be just as authentic as the guys we do know-and who occasionally do guest shots with him,all that litigation notwithstanding.

This whole thread brings a thought to mind....It seems to me that we're a little discomfited when our heroes change,and eventually pass beyond our view,as if the creators of those minutes of music ought to be as ageless as what they created.

EDIT: Here's another one-The Kingston Trio!


Umm- Ford tried, with this...

It did not go all that well.

– Kevin Frye

Hey Kev....I drive one of these! What's not to like? Jaguar V8, Lincoln transmission, hard and soft tops.


If the gubmint allowed it, GM would reissue the '57 Bel Air and the '63 split-window Vette. And Ford would reissue the Deuce Coupe and '56 T-Bird.

– DaveH

You can get some of those in aftermarket parts.

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