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The perils of language


As part of the move to a newer, more modern home, some appliances were left behind, and one or two have been added.

This one was almost $120 off the listed price at the local store. "Manager's Special", the sign said.

"Manager's Special", or maybe something else...?

Can you spot it?


I used to have to attend trade shows in Vegas in early September. It got pretty oven-like if you were foolish enough to step out of the convention hall.


'Conventional' has been misspelled as 'convention'. Or should it be 'convection'? Could be either, but hard to tell without knowing which type of oven it is.


there's a really tasteless joke in there, but i'm not going to be the one to pull it out.


Probably a knockoff.


I'm going with Deke. Should be "Convection" oven. Guessing that's a counterfeit item. I take it you passed on it correct?

Side note- I really love the Breville oven my daughters got us last year as a present. Highly recommend!


I wouldn't read anything into it...

– General_Lee

Actually, I didn't. We'd had it for a couple of days before my wife noticed the typo...


I see things like that all the time in manuals that are worded in English but printed in China.

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