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The Met


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an exhibit called "Play it loud:Instruments of Rock and roll".Only running til Oct 1.If you get a chance to see it,do.It is excellent.Mostly guitars but have a number of other instruments,like Emersons synthesizer/keyboards.It was much bigger than I thought it would be.I believe it is moving to the R&R Hall of Fame next,and who knows where after that.If you get a chance,dont miss it,it was awesome.


I saw the show a few months ago with my son. Great stuff, iconic guitars. Encourage everybody to see it.


Great exhibit; saw it during the summer. But the lack of Gretschiness is practically criminal.


Oh. I was all excited 'cause I thought you were posting about the NASH Met(ropolitan)! This is cool too. Carry on!


I saw the exhibit, well worth it.

My wife always wanted a Nash Metro, they are cool.


It was cool to walk though a bunch of ancient art works to see a bunch of ratty old electric guitars! Slightly surreal.

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