Miscellaneous Rumbles

The Masters, Augusta, The Song!


Yup, I played competitively through highschool and college and a few years more in amateur competitions with the unreachable hope of making the Tour.

The Masters is my favorite golf event, and one of my favorite televised sporting events.

I've always loved the theme song and reminds me of years of watching The Masters with my dad every April. Now I can enjoy it in an hour loop!!


I got a hole in one of my socks at Augusta.


We won the Lottery for the Wednesday Practice and Par-3 Tourney in 1996.

We followed Tiger, Jack, and Arnie...Tiger was an Amateur. It was a cold cloudy morning, then a nice but cool afternoon.

Beautiful, what set things apart for me is the turf...surreal, Kermit green, like a contiguous 500 acre piece of carpet set down at one time.


Got to see Tiger win the PGA at Valhalla with my son, apparently a true Scot--not a golfer in the family and he started begging to play at 4. We had out toes on the cover of Sports Illustrated with Tiger's victory arm pump. It was just terrific. Can only imagine Agusta.

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