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The Grand National Drunk


Time for some football, 106th Grey Cup.

Everbody should try to get to one of those. [Maybe not in Toronto.]

It’s great to see Commonwealth Stadium without tarps and full.


I've got it recorded. Will watch it soon! I've watched everyone since '55, save for when I was bummin' around Europe in '69 and was living in Torremolinos, Spain for the fall and winter.


It’s that time of the year again.

This year The Grey Cup is in Calgary and my team, that hasn’t won in 29 years, is back for the first time in 8 years.

If you can get to Calgary! They start the party on Wednesday and go full throttle for the rest of the week.

Epic finish in Saskatchewan today.



When I was growing u back in Ontario, Grey Cup parties were all the rage and the biggest business day for KFC and pizza outlets. Hasn't been that culture for decades though.

I still use the expression "it's Grey Cup weather today. "This harkens back to when there were no indoor stadiums and all games were outdoors.


I just realized the other radio station has the rights to the broadcast, the guy who has been calling Bomber games since 1974 [the best call in all football] isn’t doing the Grey Cup.

It’s tragic!


Weather should be decent - above freezing and no snow forecast....yet.


I need to place a wager...I wonder if I can bet on CFL Football here in NV?

Who would you bet on? And win by how many points?

I've watched the Grey Cup many times....


The Bombers have the better ground game, but if it is going to be warm I think The Ti-Cats are favoured heavily.

The Bombers are on a bit of a miraculous run. The #1 quarterback was injured, the promising backup wasn’t getting it done. They brought in the often injured former Hamilton quarterback from Saskatchewan that the Ti-Cats had concussed in the first week of the season. That guy wasn’t expected to play again.

They probably shouldn’t have beat Calgary, but it was cold and punishing, and they squeaked by Saskatchewan as in the video link above.

The Bombers are using a two quarterback system, although it wasn’t effective last game. Collaros plays most of the game but Streveler, a guy they got from South Dakota who used to play in Minnesota, and who is built like a linebacker, has been running the short yardage game all season and they have packages for him to run.

Hamilton was the best team in the East all season, as Ottawa struggled with post Grey Cup dispersion.

They played 2 regular season games, Hamilton won both 25-13 in Hamilton, 33-13 in Winnipeg. The Bombers just picked up QB Collaros a few weeks ago, for the first game the QB was Nichols, Streveler started in Winnipeg.

Pro-Line pays 1.80 for Hamilton to win by more than 3, 3.05 for Winnipeg to win by more than 3, 3.40 for a tie (within 3 points) over/under of 51.5. (They take about 0.30 off the top).

That seems too slanted to Hamilton.

The game is on ESPN 2 6PM EST Sunday (don’t expect it to start until after 6:30 or later).


Pre-game show on now, an all-girl group doing the warmup.

3:00 minute warning. The Blue Bombers Defence is on fire.

Keith Urban for the half-time show.

Not having Bob Irving calling the game sucks. I tuned in the radio for about 30 seconds, it was terrible.


I bet the Tiger Cats....Bombers have been on an adrenaline high all game.

TiCats just missed a great chance with the dropped pass near the goal line.

And it's the 107th...longer than our NFL!


3:00 warning. Up 18, maybe 21. This is really good.

21 points and 2 minutes. It has been done before, but I’m starting to believe.

This is good!


TiCats couldn't find any momentum the entire game...that dropped pass hurt, could have put some stress on the Bombers D.

The early Turnovers were killer...

TiCats D was on the field too much.

Oh, well...great win for Winnipeg...


It was a real smackdown for Winnipeg on both sides of the ball. They're full measure for the win.

Edit: Nice awards for Andrew Harris. First time for a Canuck for MVP & MVC.


Glad to see the accolades for Andrew Harris after BC let him go.

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