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The end of MAD magazine


When I was in Junior high school, all of boys loved MAD magazine. We always went straight to back cover, to see the hidden image, that was revealed by tri-folding the page. Loads of fun! Sorry to see it mostly go.


This is the first issue of Mad I ever read. Dad got it from one of his men at the NAS Atsugi weather station, March '65. It's always sad to see an institution crumble.


MAD and CRACKED were go to mags, when I was a young teen. Sad to hear. So Long Alfred.


This was one of my Christmas presents several years ago:


I went from Mad to National Lampoon.

It's due to a number of issues, primarily the sad end of print media. Newspapers and magazines are going under daily. The changing politically correct attitudes have a lot to do with it as well. Mad, at least, picked on the right as well as the left. No one could escape their humor. Mad was, to me, an extension of comic books. I stopped reading those, too. I'd always read novels, and still do. My humor (or what passes for it) grew past the 13 year old level, so, Mad just didn't do anything for me anymore, other than nostalgia. 13 year old kids now just don't read like we did 60 years ago, and their interests have changed. Video games and other modern tech has taken over for them' they've moved on.

Times change.

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