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The Bandit has passed. RIP Burt Reynolds


Burt Reynolds died today at the age of 82. RIP Burt.


I spent way too much of my childhood laughing my backside off to his films. RIP.


An American icon, I've enjoyed his films for many years. RIP Burt Reynolds.


We'll miss ya buddy!


Bye, Burt. Almost bought a black Trans-Am thanks to the Bandit.



A big star both in films and on TV. I remember him first from the great TV series Riverboat, on down through the sitcoms and Bandit years. I'll miss his sense of humor. RIP.


I almost met him once! I was visiting my uncle who was directing a play at Burt's dinner theater with Annie Potts (very cool lady) and we were staying in one of Burt"s houses on Jupiter Island. Burt had some kind of health problems and pulled in around back...in an ambulance. There was a bit of a buzz...Burt's here...but he never came in. Weird. I always wondered what happened with Boogie Nights. He refused to get behind it/promote it. Good movie. I think he was pretty eccentric.


Who could not love Burt Reynolds? As for Boogie Nights, he was nominated for an Academy Award.

An icon. And that laugh!


I was always entertained.

Later Gator.


I miss what he represented, seems like a whole brave new world nowadaze.


THANKS Burt!! Now go rest in peace......


I vividly remember watching his movies at the Drive In with a six pack of beer laughing our asses off. Rest in Peace Bandit


He kept us entertained. I was shocked to see how he looked in the past year or so. The stunt injuries had caught up with him along with other medical issues. RIP


Smokey & The Bandit - one of my all-time faves (Jerry Reed too!) Hooper I always thought was underrated.

I own SATB. I watch it every couple of years.


It's a secret I can't share with anyone who knows her but Smokey And The Bandit is one of my wife's all time favorite movies.


Deed,thanks for posting that. Buncha Burt fans in the family. My MIL went to Fla.State same year as Burt, I'll forward it to her.


His residence is a little over a mile south of mine. Back in the 70's, I played in the house band at a great oceanfront club/eatery on Singer Island called the Greenhouse (Weds - Fri), next to the Singer Island Hilton. Smokey & the Bandit was being filmed in town, and they were all staying at the Hilton ... 18 wheeler and Trans Am parked out front, etc ... way cool! Almost every night after a hard day of shooting many of the cast & crew would come in for a bite and a few beers and we had the best . time . ever! Several times Jerry jumped up on stage, grabbed my Country Gent and played a few tunes with us. Who knew he was such a monster player. In the 80's I was a close friend of the Mayor of Jupiter and played golf with her husband. She grew up w/ Burt and was his closest friend. She did things for him that he couldn't do easily due to his celebrity, so ... he was always around socially. (Jupiter was still a sleepy little town). Burt would come play golf with us on occasion (great actor, bad golfer). Mary brokered the adoption of the baby that he & Lonnie Anderson adopted. Burt had a great dinner theater and thru his invitation the Hollywood celebrities started showing up in droves, taking in (or starring in) the shows and being seen around town, with many of them now permanent residents. He also opened a great restaurant (The "Backstage") next door to the theater. He helped me plan a semi-theatrical proposal at the restaurant and I got engaged to my wife in his private box. Then, I was invited to be a "regular extra" in the BL Stryker TV series, filmed right here in town. Burt was a real great guy, a friend for many years and a well loved fixture in our community, and he will be missed. (Picture above is my band at the Greenhouse, circa '79)


Great story. I bet you have many more,thanks for sharing!


Premansite, I just talked to my wife who grew up in west palm bc in the 70's, said she danced in that club many a night. Small world.

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