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The Astronauts Vinyl Album Score


You may have seen my topic on the Duane Eddy album I almost bought at Salvation Army but I did score on Sunday at the swap meet an original Astronauts vinyl album for $5. I was in Heaven so to speak when I saw this. This is amazing. Excellent Condition or at least close in my opinion.


Screams early 60s, blond piggybacks and matching rosewood board guitars... more proof that Jazzmasters and Jags were the hot lick of the day.


The Astronauts had a major hit on their hands with Baja. It was a Lee Hazlewood song. One of the classic surf bands from around 1963.


Band uniforms and matching guitars and amps. That goes back awhile.


Band uniforms and matching guitars and amps. That goes back awhile.

– wabash slim

Leo Fender had them go to Fullerton to pick out those guitars. I don't believe they were paid to use those instruments although you could say they were paid in instruments. But no monetary value attached but at least they got the guitars as part of the deal and that's worth some money.

If I recall years ago I read that they played only Jazzmasters on the albums but live they would use Jazzmasters and Jaguars. I had a vintage guitar magazine that had that exact photo from that album on the cover. It had a lot of good information on them but unfortunately I lost it. I forgot the name of the magazine but it was about 20 years ago.



– audept

It's during the era when people had and exuded class.


They were a bar band at the Tulagi in Boulder, Colorado. Lee Hazlewood pretty much directed their surf album, but this was them playing at home what is now known as Americana music.

Rich Fifield is one of my guitar heroes. I spent days & hours learning his licks from this album.



Two bands got me into White Fender everything that I thought so cool when I was a kid. The Astronauts, and a local Dallas band called the "Novas". They were from well to do sections of town and they had all white Jags, and Precision bass with matching Black Super Reverbs and a Dual Showman, when the rest of us were using Silvertone and what we could get our hands on... I was hooked for life. It's always been an attractive look to me.


The Astronauts first album was produced by Al Schmitt. Their most successful single, Baja, was written by Lee Hazlewood.

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