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That super weird Jerry Reed tune…


I know we have lots of Reed fans around here due to his extraordinary ability on the guitar. Myself included. I own almost every Jerry Reed album. The song entitled “The Semi-Great Predictor” from the 1970 album “Cookin” has always caught my attention. It’s so weird and out of place. Does anybody know the story behind it?


It's late to the psychedelic scene, so has every established hallmark- sitar guitar, archly bizarre lyric, vocals talk/sung down a phoneline etc. Jerry enjoys his patent good fun with the format. Great orchestration though, tidy use of French horn and woozy strings. First I've heard this one, mon ami. I know nothing of it beyond what I hear.


Never heard of it! Thats a weird one for sure, but his humor totally fits into that nonsensical "style" (of hippie drug folk, or whatever you want to call it) LOL

Only Jerry Reed could rhyme "the semi-great predictor" with "noah saved the boa constrictor" LOLOLOL


Noah saved the Boa Constrictor....I love it! I'm a Jerry Reed fan, but this one escaped me, thanks for the laughs!

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