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Brand Spankin’ New Jet Firebird G6131T-1965 FSR!


My personal favorite - remade!

I picked up my vintage 69 Jet Firebird in the 90's at Mojo Guitars in the Village - and it became "my" guitar - stage and studio. But in recent years it became a project - the binding etc - and I retired it - but missed it.

I got a new Country Gent - used it own our album last year - but I found it sits a little large on my frame for shows - I started using a MusicMan Albert Lee w Humbuckers instead. But I missed a Gretsch onstage.

So - I was really thrilled to find this FSR of 16 pieces recreating the 60's era double cutaway Jet Firebird. It' s not an exact replica of any one model - but picks some great features of various years - such as Bigsby not Burns (yes!) and choosing TV Jones Supertrons.

It is incredibly similar to that great 69 model w Supertrons - feels and plays and sounds GREAT! It has everything I loved about the vintage - w the modern sturdiness and great cosmetics and tone.

I normally try to buy from local shops - but this FSR was only available at Cream City Music in Wisconsin - they helped design the FSR model. They were really helpful and I recommend them to all. I will post some pics of their promo shots and the actual instrument.


Promo shot




Actual guitar


TV Jones Supertrons


Hearing news like this is why I love The Gretsch Pages. Congratulations on a killer guitar! I love it. Please post some clips if you're able.


Congrats. Looks super.


That's pretty cool


That's very nice!!!


Oh. Yes. That is a killer bird.


it's pretty refreshing to see a new one of the less obvious classics. That is a lovely guitar. What sort of tunes will you be putting down with it?


A little beauty,congrats JPK!


These are fantastic guitars, Supertrons in a Jet are awesome. Congrats and enjoy!


I would love to hear that guitar, given that it has two Super'Trons on it. I don't think that I have heard a Super'Tron Jet before.

Lovely guitar. Play it in good health.


Thank you everyone for the well wishes on the Firebird. I have long enjoyed reading all of your friendly musical banter from the sidelines - the GDP has the best online community around, hands-down.

I'm looking forward to hearing the guitar more w the group - and expect to record with it, too. If you are interested you can check out our page: We are a "Crickets" lineup of bass, kit and myself on singing/guitar. We recorded the album EVERYTHING LIVE - NO! OVERDUBS! in Woodstock. So, if you catch a couple tunes on the page - that's my live vocal & Country Gentleman. I sure am looking forward to playing with those Supertrons when we record again this summer.

Again - thank you for the great community and conversations that have given me much enjoyment - and some helpful info - over the last few years. Cheers.


That's beautiful. I bet it sounds great as well. Congratulations on your new Jet.


congrats ! that is one very pretty guitar.


Hello Jerry. Great guitar ! The band's website is really cool. Catchy tunes as well.


Thank you, Jack, for saying so...

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