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Tennis elbow help?


And I thought Achilles tendonosis was bad. I missed a guy sparring, slightly hyper-extended my elbow and ignored it.

The pain set in basically on my b-day and has been killing me since. I can still barely pick up a cup of coffee.

I got one of those flexbars, but still can't use it.

Suddenly all of my tendons are rebelling and I'm only 53.

Any tips on how to get over this relatively quickly? Is it even possible?



What he said, above . . .

Anti-inflammatory meds (ibuprofen, etc.), and rest of that injured joint.


I have guitar playing friends that swear by Glucosamine Sulfate (even over steroids).


Rest, time, and get it checked out. As a Chiropractor I’ve adjusted many an elbow.


Yup, I've been there. Lateral Epicondylitis.

Good news is it's a self-limiting condition - it will get better on its own. Bad news is, as others have said, there's no 'quickly'.

Don't over-strain it. Don't be a hero and think you can work through it. Let it get better on its own and in its own time. Trying to rush it is the absolute worse thing you can do.

Glucosamine is great for joints, but I'm not sure it'll help with LE/TE. Personally I used Glucosamine Hydrochloride for arthritis (same as the Sulphate version, but apparently the Hydrochloride version is better/stronger). No harm in giving it a go I guess, but if you're vegan or allergic to shellfish you might want to give it a miss as it's made from crustaceans.

BTW, Less than 10% of Tennis Elbow cases are caused by tennis.


You sure it's Tennis Elbow? The way you describe how it happened makes me think it may be Golfer's Elbow - which I think is Medial Epicondylitis. Same kinda injury, but on the other side of the elbow. Where's the pain? Is it on the outside or the inside?


Ouch! I've got nothing for a fix but hope you heal quickly.


Here's a substantial thread on that very topic: http://gretschpages.com/for...

As a followup, my own issue has completely resolved. The brace recommended in the thread helped considerably - I wore it religiously for weeks, and occasionally for months. I also started a twice-daily regimen of Turmeric w/Curcumin. I avoided guitar-playing arm positions and chord positions/fingerings which triggered the pain, and/or found ways to tuck my arm against my side which temporarily eliminated or reduced the pain as a functional impediment to playing. (This could look funny, but nobody cares how I look.)

I've made some of the ergonomics my body taught me a permanent part of my playing habits.

The overall condition diminished so gradually I really didn't notice when it was completely gone - but not a trace remains. And I'm 12 years older than you are. Old guys can heal.


Yeah. Brace. Take care of it. Be patient. It'll heal, but it'll take so long it'll feel like it never will.


HAHA! I just followed that link from Prote and it looks like I said pretty much exactly the same back then. At least I didn't contradict m'self.


Yeah--it's tennis elbow (on the outside of it). Kind of can't believe how painful this is.

There is no quickly.




You're not 25 anymore, Konrad. As I've gotten older, I've discovered that I feel every stupid thing that I've done to my body over 70 years. Do what the doctors tell you to do. Keeping active is fine. Keeping overactive isn't.


I have a terrific strap called Lastrap and it's from Coopercare, Toronto. It's bigger (longer) than other straps as it goes further down the forearm. It has several sand filled compartments in a plastic packet that attaches inside the sleeve. It covers more area of your arm than the narrow sleeves I've seen. An orthopedic surgeon recommended this particular strap to me. As it heats up from the warmth of your arm you push on the packet to conform to the shape of your arm. An elastic strap wraps around the upper portion of sleeve with a Velcro attachment to apply pressure. When I had tennis elbow I wore this during the day while at work and it provides terrific support for the injured muscle and helps the healing process. It allowed me to gently still use that arm without overstressing it.

As has been mentioned, there is no quick fix to get healed soon, but this strap will help tremendously. Remember that this is a muscle issue not a joint issue. Using Voltarin when not wearing the strap will help a lot as well. I've never heard of any supplement being effective. My doctor said the same thing.


That sounds interesting. I currently have tendon issues in both shoulders, my wrist, my right knee, achilles and this freaking elbow. Not sure what is going on. Maybe fallout from Lyme disease (although sine the four rounds of antibiotics finished in the summer I've felt pretty good).



My buddy Dale was stricken with tennis elbow back when we were gigging more than 100 nights per year. For a time, he managed with Ibuprophen, but he was antsy about the amount he was taking.

His doctor suggested a cortizone shot, but warned that it was 50-50 at best that Dale would get any substantial relief. We were down to facing the end of the band or .... he chose or.

Within a week, it was like nothing was ever wrong.

Mind you, it was not permanent, and the problem still comes back to haunt him every few years, even now, with no performing to speak of for over 5 years.

But if it works, it seems to work a treat.


And I do know about the other side. My wonderful wife had a cortizone shot for shoulder pain after seeing Dale's example, but she seems to reside in the "other" 50 from Dale. It hurt like hell and never improved her condition one whit.

What did was tape. Kinesiology tape (that strange, spidery network of colored lines you often see on the bodies of elite athletes). For Karen it was tape that brought her back to normal, like magic. I had always thought K-tape was snake-oil, but now, I tend to believe in it myself.


That sounds interesting. I currently have tendon issues in both shoulders, my wrist, my right knee, achilles and this freaking elbow. Not sure what is going on. Maybe fallout from Lyme disease (although sine the four rounds of antibiotics finished in the summer I've felt pretty good).


– Konrad

The website shows a lot of other straps and braces they make so perhaps there's a product that might work for another issue as well.


Simple rule that can help: Heat before, ice after.


Simple rule that can help: Heat before, ice after.

– Steeple923

....or Daniel Sterns secret: “hot ice”.

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