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Talk about an “E Ticket” Ride


First of all, anyone that understands the title is showing your age.

But this video shows a rescue of a 74 year old woman that was injured while hiking today on Piestewa Peak (formerly Squaw Peak) in Phoenix. They were lifting her off the mountain in a basket under a helicopter when the basket got caught in the wash from the blades of the hovering 'copter.

Exciting but I doubt that she enjoyed the ride. They did get it under control and she is doing OK.



Yikes! I bet there were no airsickness bags in that basket either!


They charge up to $60,000 for the privilege of being air lifted to a hospital in New Jersey. I wonder how much the extra thrills cost?


Note to self. Next time, put the gurney with the injured person INSIDE the helicopter...


ER triage notes:

“Patient is experiencing nausea, vomiting, vertigo, disorientation, unsteady gait and vision and refuses to stop screaming. Suspicious for middle ear syndrome.”


I'll take the Matterhorn any day thank you. Two thumbs up for the E Ticket reference!


more like an "AIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"-ticket ride, amirite?


My screams would have started with an F rather than an E. I would prefer the Matterhorn as well.


News reports mention the woman experienced a bit of dizziness.

No kidding.


For the youngsters that don't understand the "E" ticket reference, it used to be that Disneyland sold admission tickets for a very reasonable price and then you had to purchase the ride tickets separately. And they only came in packs of assorted tickets labeled from A through E. A tickets were the lamest and E tickets were the best rides. The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. So you would quickly run out of E tickets and have all these other tickets left. They obviously would sell you more E tickets when you ran out though. They had a Magic Kingdom club that had admission tickets that just had E tickets on them and those were highly desired.


News reports mention the woman experienced a bit of dizziness.

No kidding.

– Deed Eddy

Ya think?


I smell a lawsuit out of this. At her age, the vertigo she has now resulting from this quite lengthy experience, may never receded. Whoever makes that equipment the helicopter uses needs to figure out how to not allow that to happen. Talk about a bad design!!

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