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Sweet and Lowdown


Chinese made, quite good.


From my limited understanding, Gitane occupies an acceptable but not outstanding niche in the pantheon of modern gypsy guitars. As noted above, they are Chinese, and I have been well pleased with mine but my talents in gypsy swing music are right in line with the acceptable but not outstanding model. There are some less expensive brands out there but I found the Gitane to have the best value for money for an intermediate player like myself.


If you're looking for a great gypsy jazz acoustic, you could see about picking up either a new or used one made by Michael Dunn here in Vancouver. His are as well made as any, by anyone. Chet ordered one years ago from Michael and had him deliver it in person so they could play together at a local Nashville gig.

If you want a terrific impression of their quality and how they play, PM Paul Pigat who's played a variety of Michael's models.

Remember too, the exchange rate is highly in your favor. Sometimes one of Michael's own guitars goes up for sale at Blue Dog Guitars here.


Michael Dunn makes fantastic instruments, I've had the opportunity to play a couple and they are beautifully done. But those guitars go for well over $3000 and just aren't comparable to a Gitane that you could expect to pick up for under a grand, maybe even well under on a good day.


These guys make this look waaay too easy.


I can copy Chuck Berry solos pretty good.


I can copy Chuck Berry solos pretty good.

– Afire


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