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Surgery tomorrow


Surgery tomorrow morning, at 7:30 am (GMT - 7). They'll be replacing the full length of the metal rods in my back, that run from the base of my neck to my pelvis. The day before is always a mixed bag of activities and emotions.

I set up a priority list of the top 10 things to do, by order of importance

1) Top off guitar case humidifiers.

2) Play a bit of acoustic guitar.

3) Play my mandolin.

4) Do a first run gathering up items to take to the hospital (no more than 10 minutes, there's still plenty of more important things to do).

5) Re-string the 5422, (to be used only for occupational theropy during recovery)

6) Play the aforementioned 5422 (gota make sure the strings are stretched in, purely a precautionary gesture, 2 hours autadoit).

7) Make another cursory effort packing a suitcase for 5 days.

8) Play the new Les Paul (it doesn't like it when I spend too much time on the 5422, and I so do like to have balance in my life), again 2 hours, so's to keep her happy.

9) Fill in every moment of avoidance of the bigger issues, with playing music. It has been the best medicine, all the way through this journey. It's the only time I'm really pain free, so I've become somewhat of a junkie with it. I still don't have my Yamaha CP-70B piano set up yet. I need to get a couple of guys to do the heavy lifting, and I just haven't had that opportunity yet. It's been calling my name, so I'll need to get on setting it up asap.

10) Finish the hunting and gathering, and packing. It's surprising all the technology we can seem to drag around with us. Devices, chargers, different types of cables etc. And a couple of old school mass storage devices, known as books.

I have to report to the hospital at 5:30 am, tomorrow morning. The hospital my surgeon uses is a 30 minute drive away in light traffic, it can be up to an hour and a half during the rush hours.

I've been trying to keep on top of the anxiety and fear, that has been a challenge (and always is, before a major surgery). I'm very humbled by people who are facing life threatening illnesses, such as cancer, ALS, COPD or heart disease. They are the ones facing the ultimate challenge.

We happen to be in the unenviable position, of watching the very rapid decline of my wife's cousin, who has ALS. He was diagnosed just a couple of weeks, after he turned in his retirement papers to retire from the US Airforce. It is a sad way to gain perspective, this gentleman is facing the last year or so of his life. No matter how bad we think our own misfortunes are, there is always somebody else, who is facing an even greater challenge.

My surgery is not life threatening (thank God), my biggest concern is losing any function, of any extremity. It's a small risk, but a risk none the less. My experience with these big back surgeries, is that complications are to be expected, but hopefully they will be more of the pain in the rear end type, than anything serious.

I'll check in, as soon as I can afterwards, and let you all know how I'm doing.


Best of luck, Wade. We'll all be thinkin' about you.


In my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.


I'll be praying that it goes well for you. Take care, my friend.


Best wishes for a successful surgical adventure.

Your to-do list reminded me of myself, earlier this year, taking care of activities requiring physical exertion that would not be possible for awhile after a surgery that I needed.

Thanks for that little trip down memory lane!


Praying for your speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be well, Wade. We're all pulling for you. You're taking this all in stride, with a great attitude. You'll be fine.


I insist that all goes well, Wade.

Best of luck - we'll be watching for your post-surgical return.


Best of British, heal as quick as you need too.


Good positive though for a perfect outcome.


Best of luck, you're thoughts are the same as mine would be. Positive vibes sent.


Sending you lots of wishes for a successful procedure and swift recovery. Looking forward to your progress reports.


All the best Sir!

Hoping the recovery is swift .


All good wishes for a quick recovery.


Good luck, Wade! Be assured we Gretsch buddies will have you in our thoughts.


All the best Wade. I think you have your last in order and some fresh strings awaiting you is a good plan


Best wishes for successful surgery and a rapid recovery.


Good luck Wade, I'm sure it will be all for the better. (Coincidentally, I sat through two spine surgery procedures today, standing behind the surgical team as an observer. Fusions – one patient had a first-time procedure, the other had a rod replacement. Not as extensive as the full spine, but the equipment, tools, parts and procedures are amazingly well thought out. Think positive.)


I'll be praying for you, Wade.


hope that everything goes well. looking forward to seeing you back on the GDP, Wade.


May you come through with flying colors !


Hoping for the best for you Wade. Good luck.


I neglected to mention something earlier today, above . . . be sure to remind your surgeon to use both the red Loctite, and a torque wrench for the set screws this time!

I'll look forward to seeing you posting here after your successful surgery.

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