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State of emergency in my town


Been there. We have well-water. So when we lose power, we lose water too. When we purchased the house a zillion years ago, one of the things that attracted me was the towering mature trees around the lot. Now they scare the crap out of me.


Made it home.


And BTW everyone...

Is it just me, or does it seem like nowadays it takes alot less of a storm to cause alot more power outages???? AND it seems to take longer to get it restored???

I've lived in NJ for over 25 years now, and only in these last 5 years have I seen such issues.

Even my whole life as a kid in rural Ohio (another 25 years), we never lost power for more than a day, MAYBE 2....

– ruger9

Well.....ive wondered how you can "buy" your electricity from someone else, and have it "delivered" by your local power company. How much money will your local delivery company have for maintinance? In johns case, one hundred and fifty feet tall trees 40' from the road tipped over by their base. We just had a nice warm spell that melted the ground and was fiftish degrees the day before the storm. (Why it was wet slushey sticky snow. The wieght on the trees coupled with 50 to 80 mph gusts were just to much for even healthy trees. Especially in super rocky bed rocky kind of land. ( glacial deposit/ old seabed shales). In the early 1900's the land around grumps was stripped of almost all trees. It was considered one of the best pheasant hunting grounds in the world, conveiniant to both ny and philly. When the depression hit, they built many small work camps and thousands of young men planted millions of trees....mostly oaks. The delaware state forest is huge and grumps lives in that area.


Stay strong and patient John. Those long spells without power can be trying.

I live in a place that hurricanes love. Been through many a stretch without power. Ours usually hit in the summer, though. More discomfort as opposed to potentially life threatening.

Back when I used to heat with wood, the old timers were always happy to exclaim how heating with wood warmed you twice; Once while cutting/splitting and once while burning. Still, best heat I've ever lived with is a good wood stove.

Best luck.

– JW

I would add that totin' it and stackin' it warms me up some too.

Grumps good luck to ya. We had similar last year (substitute rains/floods for snow) out here on the central left-coast. Trees down everywhere. Took out power for weeks. The local Safeway grocery store had to bring in reefer trailers to hold all their perishables.


Mun, you're a good man. Thank you for being you. Grump, you and the missus too.

Shucks, love to everyone.

Ruger, where in rural Ohia did you grown up?


Be well everyone. Dave, that was cool. John, love to you and Enid and the babies.


Your a big guy Dave, and I figure about 90 percent of that is heart.

It’s a better world with you in it my friend.


Me and a pal nearby are going into the woods today to chop up two yearnold stacked wood...have three feet of snow here. Should be able to drive it down on friday if all goes well today. Will keep you,posted john.


Utility trucks from Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Detroit, Pennsylvania, Maine and even Canada are everywhere. Big storm moving in tonight. State police want us to evacuate. I'm staying with the ship. Wife and kids safe at in-laws.


I need a nap. Ready to head down Thursday or Friday.


I need a nap. Ready to head down Thursday or Friday.

Amazing. I'll be sharing it with anyone else who needs it. Just amazing.


In my best Jerry Reed voice..."Damn, Mun!"


Hey, John Lindsey lives here too. I hope he's okay. I don't have his phone number.
I have room if he needs a place to stay. Maybe even just for a hot meal.


I will see if i still have his number


Texted him. 12600 in pike without power yet.


John lindsey is ok.


Good luck with today's storm. Here north of NYC it's kind of underwhelming compared to last week. So far anyway.

Last week was a mess - they did not close schools but instead let kids out early - which meant kids were going home in 50 mph wind gusts, trees falling down, etc.


No power yet and 12 more inches of snow. Snowblower quit so I shoveled. Power may be restored later tonight. If not I'm cooking chili on the barbecue tomorrow.


Met ed has 12300 still without power. Tell us on the news, friday. I dont belive them. Coming with that load this afternoon john.


The workers are making amazing progress. I think it’s going to be awhile. I passed at least 20 miles of hv wire still on the ground. Poor John has a cold.


Mr. Mun; You are the cream of the crop.


I talked to grumpy this morning, by some miracle, he has power. yay! hopefully it will stay on as they continue repairs. there probably will be a few outages as they bring more back on the grid. fingers crossed!


Hope your ready for this one. Looks like high winds.


yay! we got zero inches here! 25 miles south got 12"


We're looking at up to a foot on Saturday.

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