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State of emergency in my town


15 inches of snow with hurricane force winds. National guard on the way. No power. Many, many power lines down. Trees down everywhere. May be a week or more before power is restored.

More time to practice.


I hope that you have lots of firewood. Got to keep those young'ens warm.


I'm swinging an 8 pound maul all day. Trees tremble before me.


Stay strong and patient John. Those long spells without power can be trying.

I live in a place that hurricanes love. Been through many a stretch without power. Ours usually hit in the summer, though. More discomfort as opposed to potentially life threatening.

Back when I used to heat with wood, the old timers were always happy to exclaim how heating with wood warmed you twice; Once while cutting/splitting and once while burning. Still, best heat I've ever lived with is a good wood stove.

Best luck.


Sure hope the state of emergency doesn't last too long and you get your power back asap.


We had a couple of feet here on Friday and Saturday. My back aches from shoveling snow off my decks today. Fortunately, I have a snowblower that I use on all parking areas. However, sometimes I feel like I am wrestling a hog with that snowblower.


Better than flinging shovels full of snow all day, Ric, but it's still a workout.

Hope you all fare well.


I think WDave and I better stay low and quiet about the weather for a couple of days. Here on the island, the lawnmowers are starting to come out. Yes, we had snow for about a day, but that's a distant memory.

Stay safe, you guys!


John, if you want, you could bring the family to my house. I got plenty of room. Powers on here. Would love to have you guys here. A but of a drive for enid to go to work though.


I do have a gen i could bring down if you want. Call me if you need anything. I can have it to you in a few hours.


I also have split dryed hard woods i could bring down


Wow! Good luck to you. No power is tough in the cold weather.

We were without power several days after Sandy, which was not so bad (it was not cold). We ate everything in the freezer.


My wife was nearby in Stroudsburg yesterday and told me that the National Guard had been called out. What a difference 2 hours makes! Stay safe and warm.


Stay safe and warm, John.


John -- PPL is saying all restoration work in PA (all areas) will be completed by Wed. evening. Don't know about Met Ed and I don't know which company you have.....

Stay warm and safe.


Been there, 5 days powerless after the Halloween Ice Storm several years ago, then the very next year 3 days powerless due to Hurricane Sandy. We got lucky this last storm, but alot of NJ was (and still is!) out of power since friday, some being told it won't be restored until late tuesday night.... just in time for the NEXT storm to arrive...

Stay warm!!!


And BTW everyone...

Is it just me, or does it seem like nowadays it takes alot less of a storm to cause alot more power outages???? AND it seems to take longer to get it restored???

I've lived in NJ for over 25 years now, and only in these last 5 years have I seen such issues.

Even my whole life as a kid in rural Ohio (another 25 years), we never lost power for more than a day, MAYBE 2....


I'd surmise most people in this forum don't know where "your town" is.

Specifics add to the story. This goes for any member in any upcoming post or story.



Good luck John. My good buddy Dave is in the same boat and fairly near to you — in Canadensis.

Maybe you guys could go for a few beers and trade stories


Munman made it here with generator and more wood.

I owe you big time bro. I have guitars, amps, lights, heat, food and beer. Livin' large y'all.


Hang in there... Stupid question, but how do you post on the GDP without power?


Roads are tough. Got diverted. Went down this road. Barely passable. Good thing I grew up in that area.


Lady had her car stuck on downed hv wires. Got her out. One hour till I get home.


What A mess. Some are going with out power for two weeks. Heavy winds and more snow tommorow.

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