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Stanley Cup Finals


Here's something to consider when watching tonight's game 5. If Vegas wins tonight, it will give what the NHL head office wants, which is a Saturday night game in Washington, DC. The Caps winning on Saturday is the best case scenario for giving the league great exposure, that their winning tonight just wouldn't generate. The league's contracts with ESPN & Fox are nearing the point in time - around 2 years - when talks begin taking form about a new contract, and the league wants to begin building as much exposure and hype as they can in demanding a higher price for broadcast rights. Washington is going to have, between the crowd in the arena and those in the streets watching, an estimated 70,000 on hand in anticipation of the Caps winning the cup tonight but if Vegas wins, expect that number to grow even more with game 6 back in the capital.

So, I will not be the least bit surprised if the refereeing tonight is different from the last game where they didn't give any benefit of the doubt to the Knights, is subtly tilted in favor of Vegas as a 'nudge' toward helping them win. A nudge, nudge/wink, wink comment to the director of officiating in this regard by the league, not enough to be considered legal collusion, could've already been passed. No meeting, phone call, text or email, just an 'innocent' comment at lunch about the benefits for the league if the Knights win tonight. One of those read between the lines scenarios.

Let's see how the penalty calling goes tonight. Vegas got the message during the last game so they'll have warned their players about perceived embellishment regarding any form of hit to their heads, but I'm expecting them to have a bit more license tonight with the Caps the ones under the microscope


Great, now I'm watching the refs tonight, not the players!

Doh! I am curious now how the game plays out. It will be fun to watch...



3-3 with 9 minutes left...

Game 6 would be Sunday in DC, they have an extra travel day when they switch cities.


Right you are, but it doesn't matter now! That's what a game 7 should be, end to end action, lead changes, hard hitting, nobody leaving anything on the bench. Glad to see my thoughts on the refereeing didn't bear fruit and spoil the game. They got it right and all's well that ends well. Vegas played a great game and left the ice with their heads held high


And the Vegas Sports Book doesn't collapse!

They had to have been looking for more Capital to meet their obligation.

Pun intended.


Congratulations...4 games to 1 shows, without a doubt, the best team in the NHL skated the Cup last night.

I still hear/see "8" screaming with joy.



The local radio sports shows are lit up this morning, naturally. The watch parties at many local watering holes, plus the Cap Center were packed last night. I'm happy for this area.

My boss is in Vegas for a trade show (INFOCOMM) and could not care less about sports. I think he's only peripherally aware there is a hockey team in DC.


I believe the Capitals are getting a parade right now in D.C.

Some historic stuff happening on the East Coast. Well, close enough!



Other sport's team champions can take a page out of Ovechkin's book on how to celebrate. Nice job on The Tonight Show last night! I'll watch the parade tonight.


And someone's taking the cup to Humboldt. Good on 'em!

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