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Stanley Cup Finals


What a start!

Every WIN bet for the VGK proved to be a winner...as well as the Reverse Puck Line.

There was a joke the other day before the Cavs-Celtics Game...

Who do you Trust?

LeBron or Boston?

Answer = LeBron


May the best team win in the finals. I'm hoping for the Capitals to win in game 7.

If Vegas wins, that's fine, but it just shouldn't be this easy. Getting into the Cup is miraculous for a team that simply had to pick a team of "availables," then mold them into a machine. What a job the Vegas coaches did!

To the other franchises that have struggled for years and years, and the fans that have never seen their team skate the Cup, this has got to hurt, but I'd surmise many of those fans are pulling for Vegas simply because it's "cool."

I don't mind the Capitals. If they skate the Cup, it will be a pleasant change, just like Vegas.

Addendum: Seeing two "offensive" teams putting the puck in the net is great. I'd rather have a 6-4 style of game then a 1-0 type of game any day. That's what Hitchcock wanted. I'm looking forward to watching this series, and hoping for 7 great games.



That was a terrific game last night with the score not flattering either goalie, but in all fairness, they didn't play poorly, given the screened shots, deflections and great passing that produced the goals. Can't stop it if you can't see it!

Ah, long suffering fans of teams that have never won - Vancouver - or haven't for a very long time such as the Leafs are most definitely NOT cheering for the Knights because their fans haven't had to suffer. They're being very selfish and not giving credit to a team that's fought hard all season and throughout the playoffs for their success. I find this attitude pathetic. I have nothing against the Caps who deserve to be in the finals but my biggest support is for the Knights who'll make professional sports history if they win the cup in their inaugural year.


Still mourning my Jets... Alas... But this will be a great series.



I'm mourning my Bruins (would've LOVED to see a Bruins Knights matchup) but I've become a big Knights fan watching them grow and beat the odds this season. I was also in Vegas last month and seeing how much the fans and community there are so excited and in love with them was pretty contagious.


Still mourning my Jets... Alas... But this will be a great series.

– db62

The Jets were my team too but they had too many games they didn't show up. You can get away with that BS during the regular season but not in the playoffs. The Knights haven't had as much as one game they poorly, not as well as they should have, but not poorly. The Caps have had more than a game or two when their playoff play was sub-par include the game yesterday. OV barely showed up and he better give a better account of himself if the Caps hope to make a series of it. I said the final series would be a battle of the Caps talent against the KNight's speed and the Caps didn't couldn't. The Knights keep coming like a series of waves and the Caps didn't have an answer. If they go down by two, the fat lady will start warming up. I wonder what Vegas has planned for a parade and celebration when they win?


You have to expect the Caps to again come out on fire...


Now it's a Best of Five....

Getting interesting.


One of the greatest saves ever in a playoff series, and I've seen a lot of them! Another great game with more hitting. Fleury was just as good, with one less break going his way and both goalies were the victims of deflections that got through. No word yet but I think Kuznetsov is gone for good with a broken something-or-other; just the way he was grabbing his forearm. He knew something serious had happened and he was in excruciating pain.

Well, thankfully we have Hockey Night in Canada back again on Saturday evening where it belongs. Hockey belongs in the evening, not in the afternoon. Players don't like afternoon games as they disrupt their game-day routines. Upsets mine too, and besides, hockey on a Friday, evening notwithstanding, is just wrong.


Not nearly as exciting a game tonight. The Caps played their asses off but Vegas couldn't finish and had enough great chances. for Vegas, it was a game of missed opportunities. And where were the people in front of Holtby when needed? The Caps blocked 60% of shots.

And when you lose 63% of the faceoffs, mostly in your own end, you aren't going to win.

After the game, Don Cherry made a point of showing the idiocy of the referees' culture of the ref 60' from the play, and in this case partially blocke by the net!!, call a penalty that the ref 20' away refuses to!! Tonght, that tripping penalty against the Knights that lead to a goal wasn't even a penalty!! He was tripped by his own player. The ref at center ice has absolutely no business calling a penalty below the blue line. This bullshit way refs conduct themselves gives the sport a bad name from the officiating standpoint. Regardless, The Caps were full measure for the win tonight. If the Knights can't win the next one, it'll take a miracle like the burning bush to come back and win the Cup. Unlike tonight, they need to be able to enforce their game.


I would say the same thing about Game 3 as Game 1...

Do you think the Home Team will possibly lose by 2 goals (RPL)?

No way...

Different game as they now have a few under their belt, but for a 1st SCF Game in DC in 20 years, you would give the best chance to the Caps.

VGK were outplayed.


The smart money was on the Caps for sure, given the drought of being in the finals. I couldn't help but be struck with the missed opp's for the Knights. They need to be an awful lot more consistent to play even up with the Caps. That will pretty well establish if they have a chance. The original question has been answered the last 2 games, and that's, is their strength down the middle better than the Knight's speed? The Knight's speed is still there but they've lost their ability to finish. Holtby wasn't pushed as he needs to be. If not for his faux pas Vegas would've been shut out.

As the old expression in sports goes, "your best players have to be your best players," and this includes Fleury. He needed to stop the Kuznetsov goal.


Game 4, coming at'cha!

I'd say these games are much more exciting than the NBA games. Agreed? If you are even watching those...



I don't watch basketball for a variety of reasons. I catch the results watching the news broadcast. The same two teams meeting in the finals for the 4th year in a row indicates to me that there's no parity in the NBA. Why be a fan of a team that has no hope of even making it to the finals? Same old, same old.

The NHL finals are indeed exciting! Hope the Knights win tonight to make it a series.


LeBron had Game 1 won...it was an awkward affair.

Officiating quality less than what is necessary to expect the whole series to be played that way.

Draymond Green spoils the intent of the game.


Let's not go down the NBA path... Please. I don't watch professional street ball, which is about what it's become. :)

And speaking of league parity... Although I am one of "those guys" who thinks that Vegas doesn't belong there because they haven't paid their dues, that's just a personal feeling and nothing more. The new expansion draft format virtually ensured maintaining league parity as much as possible... Which, despite my old-timer grudge against Vegas, is in fact a GOOD thing in the long run.

If an upstart expansion team can have a legitimate shot at a championship trophy in their very first year, THAT is the true essence of league parity-- which makes the league play that much more exciting.

NBA needs to take some serious notes from the NHL.


Seattle is up for next expansion, and we'll see how long it takes them to be viable.

Tonight, I'm hoping Vegas steals a game in D.C., and that the game comes down to the last minute!



I don't expect the NHL GM's to get semi-blindsided when Seattle's time arrives. No doubt they'll be viable and compete but given what transpired with Vegas, I don't see them making it into the playoffs early on, let alone making a deep run in the playoffs.

If the Knight's don't win tonight, the fat lady will be warming up.


VGK had 3 somehow stay out, since then, ... all Caps.

Tough road ahead.


I suppose that I'm the only one currently pulling for the Caps.

Mainly because I would like to see Brian Trotz finally win a cup.


Both teams very deserving this year more so than just how hard it is...


I'm pulling for the Capitals, but I want to see more games.

I figured if Vegas won tonight, it would have had a good chance of going 7 games.

Since Washington won again, easily, I'd surmise they will take it in 6.

Addendum: I can't stand Reaves.

Addendum II: I lost a lot of respect for Coach Gallant. He loses, convincingly, and it appears he sends out players in the end to do damage.



As difficult as it is for this Flyers fan, I want the Caps to win. Mainly because of the ridiculous pre-game "show" in Vegas with a 2nd rate Renaissance Faire (look it up) actor on the ice and some death metal guy leading cheers.

Calling Vegas an expansion team doesn't seem accurate when they have their choice of some very good players due to salary cap restraints entering into the existing teams' roster decisions and who was left unprotected.


You're right Jeff, 'expansion' is a poor word for the team. It applies to the league instead.

The refs have essentially called out the Knights. They haven't penalized them for embellishment but have chosen to ignore any head snapping from them, whether it's from a shot to the head or not. The message was clearly sent last night. Right or wrong, they're throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak.

I don't think it matters though as The Knights best players up to this series, are no longer. The team can't score, despite many good chances in the past two days and the Cap's play is sharp as a tack. They're first to the puck, out-hitting the Knights and jumping on their mistakes. They've become a tsunami.....relentless, wave after wave comin' at the Knights. The Caps smell blood in the water and it would take the miracle of the burning bush to stop the Caps now.

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